Hello there Gorgeous!

Congratulations on your pregnancy!!

Let’s just take a minute to celebrate this little miracle growing inside of you! Your body is about to go through many physical and emotional changes amazingly designed to sustain this little life – it’s going to be such a gorgeous process!


Now, has begun one of the most exciting, beautiful, and crazy times of your life.

Amidst all the joys of pregnancy it can also be sometimes stressful – so many bodily changes come with some frustration and uncertainty. And emotionally you may or may not feel prepared to step into your new mama shoes.

With the endless information online it can be hard to know where to turn to for solid nutrition and fitness advice to take care of yourself the best you can during your pregnancy!


That’s where I come in!

I know you want to feel great and feel like yourself, with energy and confidence for a thriving pregnancy and labour!

I’m Samantha Boswell, and as your Wellness Stylist and that is my exact commitment to you!

I want to help you discover the most GORGEOUS FOODS for your body, discover how to live a toxic-free life-style that is safe during pregnancy, to safely get those EXERCISE endorphins flowing, and keep your body & mind CALM with the most essential self-care techniques to get you GLOWING skin, surging ENERGY, and that CONFIDENT pregnancy glow!

In this bundle you'll discover the most nutritious ways to eat throughout your pregnancy, how to naturally deal with common pregnancy symptoms, increase your energy, get that glow, maintain a healthy body weight, and overall feel amazing!


+ specific daily nutritional requirements

+ what to eat & foods to avoid

+ natural remedy guide for common pregnancy discomforts

+ oils, supplements & superfoods for pregnancy

+ food & fitness secrets of the SG lifestyle

 how to live toxic-free (beauty to home care)

+ intro to essential oils

trimester by trimester guideline to help you get started

+ birth & labor kit check-list

+ over 30 SG approved recipes (like my post-labor muffins!)

+ prenatal fitness Q&A


I am in LOVE with these packages! They are total Nutrition care for every step of pregnancy!  Samantha has done an excellent job of detailing all the essentials in an easy to follow guide to ensure a healthy & happy pregnancy! I'm thrilled to be able to offer these in my Nutrition practice!




I don’t have intense sugar cravings anymore! I was able to loose 8 lbs with Samantha's help and got back in the healthy range my Doctor wanted during my pregnancy. Samantha has given me the tools I need to know to make the right decisions for my health.



Samantha's pregnancy wellness bundle not only covered nutrition and exercise information but everything from emotional health in pregnancy to rest and relaxation tips, recipes and more. I will be using all of the information in this wellness bundle throughout my whole pregnancy!

- Chloe, Pregnant Mama


If you’re like most pregnant women…

You’re probably tired of conflicting information and programs that aren’t catered for your pregnancy needs.

You know pregnancy comes with some woes but also wonder if there's something you can do about it!

By the end of the day all of your energy is spent and you feel like you have no time for eating healthy or taking care of yourself.


But you know you…

want to make sure your growing baby is getting all they need

want to maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy

want to look AND feel great.

 want to create a healthy lifestyle for you and your whole family

The good news is – I’ve got a plan for you!


“SOMETHING GORGEOUS” is the health & wellness approach you’ve been searching for. Something gorgeous will give you...

More Energy

Less Cravings

Better Sleep

Healthy, Desired Weight Gain

A Thriving Pregnancy

Confidence you are taking care of yourself the best and safest way possible


Which means you’ll…

Feel more excited & energized instead of run-down & exhausted!

Feel great in your own skin and growing belly!

Have confidence your nourishing your body with all the right things


The topics covered include...


            The nutritional requirements needed during pregnancy and where to get them from natural food sources, including superfoods and supplements. You’ll also get an easy to follow list of foods to avoid during pregnancy.


How to make cravings your friend, complete with alternatives for your most common cravings!


It can be hard to find the time and motivation to workout during pregnancy, as well as to know what is recommended and considered safe. We’ll cover all of this plus the most common fitness questions preggo mamas ask.

Label Reading

We'll help you become a label reading ninja so you know how to spot false claims and only buy the best stuff. We’ll talk about foundational nutrition – the pros and cons of incuding different foods in your diet and some tasty alternatives to try.

Proper Digestion for Increased Energy

You’ll learn about proper food combining for better digestion, and how sometimes when you’re eating, is just as important as what you’re eating - the best foods to eat together and when.


Stress is natural as you transition from pregnancy to new mamahood! Self-care and relaxation is also discussed as a foundation for a well-rounded, healthy pregnancy. We’ll also discuss a long list of common pregnancy discomforts and natural remedies to try.

Non-Toxic Living

An intro to essential oils (and the best ones for pregnancy!) to beauty brands you can trust, and natural home cleaning – I’ve got you covered with all the basics!


30+ Recipes including the Something Gorgeous Smoothie, SG Almond Breakfast Cookies, Post Labor High Fiber Muffins, and many more.



A trimester by trimester guide to help you apply all you’ve learned.

Plus a birth and labor kit check-list.

A Something Gorgeous Lifetime Membership – as a member you’ll receive any bundle updates for free, along with any member-only exclusive emails or promos.


Even though this may sound fantastic to you (increased energy, feeling great, maintaining a healthy weight) you may still have a few questions and I totally understand!

Let’s talk about them…


I’m already so busy, do I have time to add this to my schedule?

The truth is, I’ll actually be saving you time! 

By increasing your energy & sleep, you won’t feel sluggish, but instead you’ll be more productive, alert, and energized to spend quality time with your new family!

The main work’s been done for you - you’ll receive meal ideas, recipes, and grocery shopping lists to really save you time! I’ll take the guess work out of the constant “what to eat.”

You’ll increase your immunity and decrease the chance of getting sick (we all know much time getting the flu can waste!)


Are these goals actually attainable?

Yes! Absolutely. It has been done – I’ve done it myself, my previous clients have too; it’s possible! I believe in you!


Is it worth the money?

The mental relief of stress and having a calm approach to adapting to your new role and knowing ways to take care of your body so you avoid common pregnancy complaints is priceless!

The skills and knowledge you’ll learn through the bundles will last you a lifetime. These skills are not just to better yourself but your entire family going forward. You’ll be able to cook nutritious meals for your family, and grocery shop with ease.

Understanding when to buy organic or health food store products and what foods are budget friendly, along with decreasing your amount of eating out, will all save you money along the way.

And truly the bottom line is - you can’t afford to not take care of yourself. Your newborn and family are dependent on you to be energized and feeling great. Incorporating this healthy lifestyle will truly change your life! 


 Will I need to buy a bunch of high-tech kitchen equipment or fancy foods? 

The simple answer is to all of these is no.

However, some basic kitchen appliances will definitely be useful - such as a blender, food processor, and basic cooking/baking equipment.

I focus on basic whole foods that aren’t too obscure or hard to find.


In Case You Need a Quick Recap…

You want to decode the mix of confusing pregnancy nutritional advice

You want to know exactly what you should eat, and when to focus on certain nutrients in each trimester

You want to workout safely

You want to find something that really works for you.

You want to look and feel great throughout your pregnancy

You want the most amount of energy and confidence.

You don’t want to spend unnecessary money or time reading conflicting advice and recommendations, you want something that will keep you healthy and fit throughout your whole pregnancy.