• They are the distilled essence of a plant, the highest grade of oil. They are highly concentrated and work with our bodies. Each drop contains the plant's immunity, hormones, and nutrients. They are an ancient form of homeopathic remedies. They promote whole body wellness.


  • They support the body's immune system, help reduce stress, increase sleep, keep you calm, ease symptoms of cough/cold, sprains/strains, muscle soreness, and headaches. They promote whole body wellness through all seasons of mamahood and provide all-natural alternatives for little ones. 


To see the health benefit of essential oils you need the highest quality oils.

  • I only use Young Living because I know I can trust the quality of every product or oil they have available. They promise an exceptional seed to seal and testing process, guaranteeing high quality organic oils. They are "beyond organic" - they will even look up the history of the land to make sure there were no chemicals used on the grounds before they purchase it.
  • They voluntarily submit their oils to Airaise for quality testing. 
  • They have the largest selection of oil blends - over 150 single oils & blends.
  • They own their own farms which you can actually go visit!  
  • They are leaders & pioneers in their research & distillation process with over 20 years of experience. 

Ready to try therapeutic-grade essential oils?

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