How to Babymoon to Hawaii on the Cheap


Hawaii.... ahhhh the beautiful sunrises, the ocean, the misty air after a random sun shower, the gorgeous hikes. This sounded like the perfect babymoon getaway (last time we headed to Jamaica) for baby #2. Except... for the price. Hawaii is not exactly known to be one of those cheap all inclusive places. But we got creative and came up with the best way to travel to Hawaii on the cheap, and made it happen!


WEST JET POINTS, BABY - Ok, so this might not be an option for all of you BUT I have to share - if you can, get the West Jet Mastercard get it TODAY. We get points on all of our purchases, a free checked bag, (some partner airlines will still charge), and a low-cost companion flight once wea year (more details, here). So with that, we saved up our points (and along with a previous credit to cover the taxes) we flew to Hawaii FOR FREE!! Yes, FREE. 

AIR BNB & LYFT OR UBER - We've had wonderful experiences staying in Air BnBs! In this case we actually found a condo that was on a privately owned floor of an actual hotel by the ocean. It was basically like we were staying at this incredible hotel but for a fraction of the cost! We also took Uber or Lyft everywhere - it was actually cheaper than renting bikes every day! We got expert travel advise from locals and saw so much more for less!


GROCERIES - Since our Air BNB provided us with a full kitchen, we walked to Walmart and got groceries for all of our meals except dinner. This saved us a ton on food costs, gave us some healthy snacks for our hiking adventures, while still enjoying some local meals out.


GROUPON - We almost didn't bother to check Groupon (it can be hit and miss) but the exact same two outings we wanted to book were on there! We did a sunset Stand Up Paddle board yoga class with Yoga Floats (the instructor even took these amazing pictures for us, more to come!) and a pirate ship whale watching tour, both for half price!


FREE - We got creative and found some sweet spots to explore for free. Downtown Waikiki had a little outdoor luau we stopped to watch, we also looked around this fancy revolving restaurant just to see the view. We also stumbled across the Royal Hawaiian Resort, established back in 1927 (they're currently celebrating 90 years with special promotions). In the basement there's all these interesting artifacts from when the hotel opened in the twenties, so neat! 


HIKING Hiking here was amazing! We hiked Diamond Head and the same trail and waterfall they shot scenes from LOST (my inner fan girl was geeeeeking out). I kept my energy up with natural energy drinks and all my oils for muscle soreness post hiking!! 


FANCY HOTEL RESTAURANT - Ok so this one is just really funny. Saving money on this trip became like a little game, just what all could we do for free (besides a million samples at the The Honolulu Cookie Company)? 

On the last night we tried desperately to get into all the restaurants near our hotel before we headed to the airport but everything was full - it was a Friday night and everyone wanted to be near the water to see the fireworks!

Out of options we headed to the fancy hotel restaurant and asked for a table. They asked if we had a reservation? Um.... no. Do you need one? They then informed us they'd been booked for months for tonight's fireworks and "people call to book specific tables". Ha, we were out of our league!

They must have had a last minute cancellation because they said they could possibly squeeze us in. We got this tiny table with no ocean view (we didn't care!), ordered the cheapest meal on the menu (to split!). and asked for refills on the free bread (ha!). I tried to up my fancy by asking for lemon in my water. Not sure it worked... They barely visited our table (they must have realized a big tip was not coming) but we couldn't care less. We had the best time talking and laughing at the whole scenario. When the fireworks started we slipped out of our table to get a quick peak (ha!). Call us cheap, I call us resourceful! 


What a trip! We went hiking, kayaking, sun tanned, ate delicious dinners out, sunset walks by the beach, SUP yoga, and whale watching (sadly we didn't see any but had a great view of the island). So there you have it, how we travelled to Hawaii on the cheap and still had the best time ever!!!