Costco Favourites for the Health-Conscious Mama

For the health-conscious mama looking to buy in bulk, save a little cash, and avoid misleading buzz words like "natural" or "organic" (aka possibly still loaded with sugar), here's my healthy mama & toddler Costco shopping list...

 Almond milk - this brand or Blue Diamond is also available (unflavoured).


Brown rice & millet ramen noodles - these are so expensive at While Foods but this Costco deal is amazing and they're delicious! If we're in a rush, we'll make these with Costco's organic lentil soup on top.


Bob's Red Mill Steel Cut Oats - Owen eats this on the daily so this big bag comes in handy!


Vega Protein -not a lot of variety but the basic vanilla does the trick for a delicious plant-based protein. 

Bananas - we also need these in bulk for smoothies & Owen's oatmeal!

Berries - organic berries are hit and miss for being in stock but always a great price when they are.

Spinach & greens - also great in bulk for daily smoothies and salads.

Manitoba Hemp hearts, chia seeds, ground flax - all great for salads or smoothies. Keep them in the fridge to last longer!

Organic Coconut oil - lasts forever and SO much cheaper (like around $15 less than most store for this huge size).

Mary's Organic Flax Crackers - perfect travel snack for Owen and delicious with Costco's hummus!


Organic tofu - comes in a pack of three, great for breakfast scrambles. 

Organic Lentil soup - when you don't have time for a nutritious meal, this is packed with protein and awesome clean eating veggie ingredients. Heat & serve!

Organic pasta sauce - such a good deal, these can be $4-6 each!


Nut butter (and regular nuts like almonds by the bag) - the multi-nut and seed combo is delicious! Find it near the peanut butter.

Hummus - perfect protein punch and snacking BFF.

Organic Edamame - more easy protein or easy appetizer idea.


Organic salmon/chicken/beef - all at more reasonable prices.

Boathouse Carrot juice - not cold-pressed, but still no additives or extra sugar, great if you're breastfeeding. 

Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil


Red lentil or green pea pasta - this comes and goes but I snatch it up when it's in stock (especially the red lentil!)

Almond flour - great for grain-free baking at a more reasonable price.

Organic Kombucha - not a lot of variety for flavour - just ginger - but cheaper is better! (Looking to make my own soon!)


It's easy to get fooled by claims like "natural" or "organic" - especially in things like protein bars and juices - a lot of times there's still added cane sugar, additives or preservatives, gluten, or dairy. These are my favourite weekly or monthly pick-ups for their clean ingredients! Do you have any other Costco favourites?