Travelling with a Newborn and Toddler…to DISNEY!

You’d think it would be crazy right?! But instead I was so PLEASANTLY surprised!! It’s like we’ve hit a magical sweet spot. Téo spent most of the flight completely passed out asleep and Owen is now old enough to use headphones and watch a movie, which means WE actually WATCHED A MOVIE! I can’t tell you the last time we both were able to do that on a flight!

So what did we pack for the flight?


  • diapers
  • wipes
  • baby powder
  • extra clothes for both of them just in case (I would double up for the enfant extra clothes, Téo had three blow outs in an hour on the way home so he ended up pant-less and in a swaddle and Owen’s T-shirt by the end of it!!)
  • A wet bag for any dirty clothes
  • Thieves sanitizer spray (for the table tops on the plane, bathrooms, so many dirty places - yuck!)
  • Essential oils – calming Young Living's Lavender and Peace & Calming (with Chase from Paw Patrol taped on, Owen loves it!) for both the boys, Stress Away for Mama, and Deep Relief for any sore backs and muscle aches.
  • My nursing cover and spit up cloth or swaddle

Extras, (but so necessary!):

  • Owen’s Ipad with pre-downloaded shows so we didn’t need any wi-fi! Variety was key.
  • I packed him a small kid’s size backpack with toys he doesn’t normally play with at home (mini cars, mini animal finger puppets, and a book).
  • Snacks, snacks, snacks – we packed so many snacks, but it kept us from buying extra airport food (except on the way home), or from a hungry toddler (Owen can eat forever it seems!). We packed nuts & seeds, protein powder in an empty shaker bottle, almond milk, rice chips, chickpea salad, Lara bars, grilled tofu strips, granola, apples, carrot chips, crackers with peanut butter, vitamins, and digestive enzymes.

Tips for Disney Specifically:

Don’t overpack but don’t under-pack either!

The things we used the most were the diaper bag items listed above, and snacks to avoid the expensive park food (we splurged once and split one gelato and with the exchange rate it came to $14 CAD!!).

Don’t forget sunscreen. And mamas, don’t forget to put it on yourself after applying to your little ones like I did! (Bring Aloe Vera just in case!)

Baby sunglasses and toddler ones, were exactly what we needed, as it was impossible to always have them out of the sun.

We also love using our Bjorn Travel Crib, it only weighs 5lbs and is softer than any playpen. Owen sleeps amazing in it compared to when we used to use a playpen! Worth the investment.

My Ergo carrier was perfect to give Téo a break from the stroller and also for when he came on a mild ride with us or we watched a show.

I usually took the opportunity to feed him when we would take a break from the sun and catch a live show. Otherwise, I used the Baby Care Centres.

There’s Baby Care Centres at every park and they are amazing, the one at Magic Kingdom was my favourite with their super comfy chairs. Each station has a breastfeeding or pumping only room, a diaper changing room with multiple large changing stations, another play or feeding room and small shop to purchase any items you may have forgotten or run out of. They think of everything!

For some reason I had trouble deciding what to pack for clothes, I ended up with half dressy shirts and shorts, exercise clothes, and only some actually appropriate park clothes. I ended up having to borrow a few things from my mom. Lol. It's a good thing she has good style! I would opt for comfy tops that you don’t have to adjust or fiddle with and shorts for the hot days, a pair of jeans, a sweater for at night.

A soft blanket for over the stroller was ideal for Téo on the cooler nights.

We loved having the stroller with us, it held all our items, we didn’t have to fuss with renting one and we were able to get around the airport during our 4 hours layover much easier. They also have stroller parking at various spots over all the parks. At first I thought it was sketchy to just leave our stroller places, but we took out all our valuable, and they always had a Disney attendant staying near them, so I really wasn’t worried about anything being taken. We didn’t have any issues.

Keep most of your stroller items in just a few bags that are easy to take out, as you need to fold up the stroller on all the park trams, and also have security check all your belongings before entering.

Fast Passes are the way to go! I can’t imagine if we had to wait two hours in line for some of the more popular rides. Plan ahead though, as times fill up quickly.

If you do plan on eating dinner at the park, also plan ahead, as reservations are gone quick.

I can’t promise you’ll have the same experience but Owen either didn’t nap and surprisingly stayed happy with all the distractions and excitement, or he fell asleep in the stroller (this only happened once and not for all that long).

Bringing a wash cloth to add cold water, to cool off their face from time to time to avoid over heating and making sure they are drinking lots of water.

We brought his Klean Kanteen bottle, and both our Swell bottles (one for water and one for iced coffee)

I also packed my Ningxia Red, aka natural energy drink in my Swell bottle and packed it in my suitcase so I could up my energy every day!

My favourite thing we took Owen to was the Disney Jr. Show at Hollywood Studios. He just loves Mickey and watching his face light up and dance to all the songs, literally brought tears to my eyes. That was my favourite part, being able to see everything through his sweet little eyes!

We didn’t get the Photo Pass at the beginning of the trip but I think it would be worth it, they have professional photographers at various spots and you can just swipe the card and access the photos online later!

Buying a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal NOT from Disney was a much cheaper choice! And Owen took him everywhere with him.

Grandparents. Bring grandparents. Haha. We had the best time as a family, not to mention Aaron and I getting to go on rides together (our first roller coaster together!!) was a huge plus!!

Above all, have fun!!!! Or as they say in Disney, “Have a Magical Day!!”