My Favourite Post Delivery Essential Oils!

Thank you for all your sweet comments on Téo’s birth story. I loved sharing the experience with you and I hope for the mamas-to-be reading, you felt a sense of excitement and a way to embrace and look forward to labor as something that could actually been enjoyable, despite the pain.

I talked a lot about what essential oils I used for pregnancy, labor and delivery so I wanted to take a minute to share what oils are supporting me now...

Here's my favourite oils post-delivery for you to stock up on!

ClaraDerm Spray – meant to spray on your, um, lady parts (what’s the best way to say that?) They say not to take a mirror down there, but they don’t say what TO take down there. This is that! It can soothe dry, itching, or chapped skin and comes already diluted and in a spray bottle ready to go!

Peppermint – I put a drop in the toilet post birth to help with my first pee. Yup, that’s right. Trust me. 

Lavender & Cypress - a few drops in a sitz bath was my go-to the first few weeks postpartum (for relaxation and to help firm up, um...that awful thing that happens when you push stuff out of your body too hard. We'll leave it at that).

Progessence Phyto Plus – If I could only choose ONE oil (you know this is hard!) this would be it. Made with vitamin e, and a natural form of progesterone found in wild yam extract, this oil can help to naturally support your hormones. You can Read this Dr.’s Q&A for more info. 

 My Sunrise Combo: This is liquid sunshine! Such a delicious smell, it’s become my replacement perfume and mood boosting combo. 10 drops lavender, 15-20 drops ylang ylang, 5-10 drops lemongrass, 15 drops orange, 10 drops peace & calming, 10 drops bergamot, 10-15 drops frankincense in a 30ml (pink if possible!) roller bottle.

Clarity – Preggo brain, new mama brain, mom brain, it’s a real thing no matter what you call it; lack of sleep can make things a little foggy! I like to put a few drops of this on my neck in the afternoon, before I write or work, or just have a coherent conversation for that matter x-)

Bedtime Combo: Peace & Calming, Lavender, Cedarwood (and occasionally added orange) on my big toe, on my neck, wrists, and collar bone right before bed. Sweet dreams!

Ningxia Red - You’ve heard me mention it a million times, so what’s so special about Ningxia Red?

What is it?  It’s made with a Chinese wolfberry, otherwise known as goji berries – one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet, super high in fiber!  It contains orange, yuzu, tangerine, and lemon essential oils which will help keep you feel energized and revitalized with high levels of powerful antioxidants.

Together they support normal digestive health, healthy immune function, and normal brain function (aka preggo brain support!!).

It’s made with blend of grape seed extract, blueberry, plum, aronia, cherry, and pomegranate – which all help block free radicals from damaging body tissues! It tastes amazing! It’s sweetened with the all-natural zero-calorie Stevia (comes from a Japanese plant).

It provides lasting all-natural energy, without the jittery high of a caffeine-powered drink or coffee. It’s like mental clarity in a cup without all the jittery side effects!

If you’re expecting, I would stock up on these to have post baby, you’ll be so glad you did! If you’re looking for more postpartum goodies (non-oily), check out this post.

If you don’t have a Young Living membership yet, I’d love to set you up and have my team, Something Gorgeous Essentials be your go-to on all things oily! We’ll walk you through everything you need to know. More info here.

***All oils mentioned are from Young Living for their purity and potency. This does not represent the views of Young Living. Suggestions are made from my personal experience and should not be used to prevent, treat, or cure disease etc.