Téo's Birth Story, Part Two: Preparing for a Home Birth

Even though I was a week late with Owen, I was all packed and prepared for the hospital four weeks before our due date. I decided to keep that bag packed, just in case there was a sudden change in plans and we had to go to the hospital. But that aside, I suddenly had to be prepared with a totally different list of supplies if I was going to do "this thing" aka push an 8lb something or rather someone out of my body at home.


Thankfully many people who have done this before me know what they're doing! There's even companies you can rent equipment from, which is exactly what we did. Before we knew it we had a giant cardboard box filled with the pieces to an indoor tub (!!!) sitting in our house, plus a home birth kit offered by the company (aka disposable skeets and liners and all the things I would have needed to go buy elsewhere), ready to go in a bag. Staring at the giant cardboard box, I thought, "we're really doing this!!!"

ince we were a little late to the game, we only had the option of the last tub they had available...which was the deluxe heated model, so um, yes please to a Whirlpool in my living room (not exactly, but you get my drift)!!

Last Sunday at church before Téo was born 

Last Sunday at church before Téo was born 

Next up, I was a crazy lady about having my labor & post partum essential oils ready to go (this shouldn't surprise you!) I made sure they were all lined up in order on a pretty gold serving tray, complete with a list of their uses for Aaron & my doula (in case things got crazy and I was too out of it (or into it?) in the moment to get them myself.

I had oils like Deep Relief & En-R-Gee for, well, energy & pain management! Stress Away & Tranquil Roll-on to keep me calm, Geranium to help expel the placenta, Clary Sage to speed up labor if need be (used with midwife supervision), Peppermint in case the baby was breech (and to help with my first pee, who knew!), and a premixed labor blend. Plus, Gentle Baby to help with post labor uterus contractions.


hen I made sure my fridge was fully stocked with all my favourite energy supporting goodies (another plus of being outside the hospital - I could eat my own fridge food and walk around my own hallways!). I was actually getting excited for this new experience!

I made my delicious Something Gorgeous post-labor fiber muffins and had some snacks on hand (like raspberries & Young Living's delicious Slique bars for even more fiber!).


Plus YL's Ningxia Red, my oil infused antioxidant boosting natural energy supplying juice to drink any time I felt my energy drop, along with King Island's coconut water to keep me refreshed and energized!!

As I mentioned in part one, after reading so many amazing birth stories in Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, I now had this amazing new, vibrant picture of labour and I wasn't afraid anymore; in fact, I was really looking forward to it!! I kept saying let's just do this, I'm ready to just take it on!!! I kept reminding myself that God created my body to do this and that I was made to do this!

Coming next, part three - Téo's Birthday Story!