Tips for going "Chemical-Free" in 2018


It seems like most mainstream stores carry nothing but chemical-filled "traditional" products - it's sad, but true! 

This makes it so much harder for us hard-working Mamas to make natural but also quick and easy decisions for our health.

The common complaints I hear (and valid at that!) is that "I don't have the extra time to research and care about what products I'm buying" or "does it really matter?" 

I wanted to write this post to bring it down to the basics and provide a few tips for reducing the toxic load hiding in your home care or cosmetics and how you can effortlessly make the switch without needing a science degree and more time that you don't have!


1. Look for these red flags and avoid the basic nasty chcemicals. Look for things like parfum (SO common!), SLS, parabens, dyes, and phylates.

2. Don't be fooled by clever marketing. Saying something is "organic" or "natural" doesn't always make it safe. Taking a closer look for the red flags above is what's key. For example a certain company that you use their products in your bath and body (ahem...) came out with an "aromatherapy line" that uses "essential oils" - funny thing is that the line has added parfum (?!) and if you’re just wanting pure health benefits or even a pleasant smell you do not need to add parfum with pure essential oils - they already smell good enough! Don't waste your money :)

3. Save your time by using websites and apps that do the work for you. Trusty apps like "Think Dirty, Live Clean" will scan and rate your products for you! They'll even give you a break down on which ingredients are harmful and why. Another amazing database is the Environmental Working Group - amazing thorough database where you can search your products and find helpful articles on what to look for.

4. Find companies you trust. I used to get really excited about this one make-up line that claimed to be vegan and paraben-free, until I found out that only half of their product were also parfum and SLS free. Meaning, I had to search in-depth every eyeshadow (for example) and couldn't just buy a palette knowing they were all safe!

This is why I love Young Living products so much - I know they are all of the things I need them to be and I can get everything from laundry care to household cleaners, skin products, supplements (infused with oils!), and essential oils that replace so many products in my house. It's so simple and awesome; every time that box shows up it’s like Christmas!!!  

I know the "mom guilt" and pressure to buy the perfect things for your kids can be so hard and so unnecessary! Even though I advocate for healthy, clean living, there is no judgement here!!! I always say do what you can, with what you know, and what you have.

I hope this helps to take the fear, overwhelm, and time out of finding some good options.

Much Love, 


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You can now reap all those benefits in all your household products, without any of the nasty chemicals you need to avoid. 

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