Preggo Week 18-21: aka I'm not a watermelon, cravings, & gender ultrasound coming!

With all this lack of morning sickness, and feeling most days like I actually forget I’m pregnant, I had really high hopes for this second trimester…

And then I got hand, foot, and mouth disease. Hopes dashed. Owen picked it up and passed it right along to me. Apparently it’s not as painful for children (their spots don’t seem to itch) but for adults, woah-boy watch out! I would say it’s the most painful common illness I’ve ever experienced. Think painful but also itchy blisters on your hands and feet; it hurt to even walk! I diluted some lavender and purification oil to assist the healing and subside the itch. But it was no walk in the park, that’s for sure!

So between a brief stint with the flu and HFMD, unfortunately that robbed a few weeks of our August.

That being said, I feel a renewed sense of motivation for a healthy pregnancy as I just hit the half-way point! I’ve got around 20 weeks to fill my body with nutritious foods, workout (did you know it can help ease labour and reduce labour time?! I don’t want to pass that up!), and make sure I’m feeling rested and refreshed.

In other news, I got my tests back and all my blood work came back normal; even my iron (which is great news for a mostly vegan dieter!). They also didn’t ask me if I’m a watermelon, so apparently I didn’t mess up my pee test too badly.

These days I’m doing some Something Gorgeous Mama stretch and toning routines, along with some modified Tone It Up workouts.

My favourite foods are green smoothies + Ningxia Red, gluten-free toast with a superfood nut butter (a mix of nuts and seeds), superfood salads, and huge cravings for brown rice pasta and tomato sauce.

My favourite essential oils are valor (my daily mood-lifter and perfume replacer), Gentle Baby in my diy stretch mark cream, and geranium on my wool dryer balls makes my laundry smell ahhhh-mazing.

Also – we find out the gender THIS Thursday at our ultrasound appointment!!! For those of you who read my post about pregnancy in Montreal, you can be thinking and praying for me as I approach this appointment with both excitement and a bit of anxiety. Thankfully, a sweet friend of ours who speaks French and experienced pregnancy in France, will be coming with us to the appointment for added support – a huge answer to prayer!

I know some other mamas out there are around the same stage of pregnancy. How is everything going? What are your biggest cravings, complaints or joys? What health/nutrition/fitness tips do you want to hear more about? I want to hear from you. Comment below or email me at