Preggo Week 17: aka the awkward pre-bump stage & pee tests (+ nutrition & fitness)

I just hit the 17 week mark! I can hardly believe just how fast this pregnancy is already going. For some reason it feels even faster than when I was pregnant with Owen, maybe that’s because the second time around, how do I put this…you’re just as excited but not everything is a “first” anymore. Like those bump photos for example. Don’t get me wrong, I love the bump photos. I love taking bump photos. I love looking at my own bump photos. I love looking at every other other preggo mama’s bump photos… but during the first pregnancy I started taking them at week six. Week six. There ain’t much to look at at week six y’all. This time around my first bump shot was week 15, when there was actually something to see (well something small anyway; everyone keeps saying "oh you don't have a bump yet," which for some reason feels frustrating, I can't make it grow any faster people!).

So needless to say I’m also a little behind on the blogging/journaling of this pregnancy too. But it’s my goal to get caught up, or at least jump in now – not only for my own memories but also because it’s my delight to share with you as much as I can about how I’m approaching this pregnancy through the eyes of a wellness-aware mama. I want you to know what I’m doing to workout, some meal ideas, natural beauty/makeup ideas, important nutrients throughout the trimesters, and of course some funny (occasionally TMI) preggo & mamahood moments along the way.

So here we go, week 17!


Up until now I’ve had one dating ultrasound – we found out I’m due January 11th (so close to Aaron’s birthday, the 14th!) and in the Dr.’s words “you’re not having twins” – something that hadn’t even crossed my mind up til that point!

why not a nice flower photo before I talk about my pee?

why not a nice flower photo before I talk about my pee?

Then I had “the pee test” and my first blood test. What is with those pee tests anyway? I mean I know their important and all but I just think they could make them a little easier. Like for example, all the bathrooms have clearly labeled instructions taped to the walls because they know that’s the reason 85% of people here are going in there, and yet they don’t think to provide you with a little counter to put the large pee cup and the small pee cup and all those lids. So I made do with the only flat surface I had – the inside of the sink. Except I didn’t realize the sink was motion sensored, so after I put my filled pee cup inside the sink…I accidentally set the sensor off and got water all in it. So there, I think I totally messed up my pee test. They’ll probably come back with the results and wonder if I’m actually a watermelon.

please ignore my Jane & Tarzan style hair. I thought it would look better than my dorky pony tail I had going on....didn't realize it would make it look like I don't have a shirt on. #iamwearingashirt #hiking

please ignore my Jane & Tarzan style hair. I thought it would look better than my dorky pony tail I had going on....didn't realize it would make it look like I don't have a shirt on. #iamwearingashirt #hiking


The first trimester is always rough with me for workouts. Thankfully, this time I didn’t have much morning sickness to mention, but the extra tiredness was still there. Then vacation came and we all know what that’s like. We managed to get a few walks in, a beautiful hike, and the occasional prenatal yoga stretch, but we both came home ready to get back into a regular routine. Aaron is committed to P90X for the next 90 days, but that is a little too intense for my style (however, I do join in on the legs & back day!).

I’ve been doing some:

·      Tone It Up DVDS

·      Running in the morning for about 30 minutes when I feel up to it (usually all three of us together with the jogger stroller)

·      Something Gorgeous Mamas yoga routine 

Essential Oils I'm Using

     Gentle Baby with coconut oil over my belly everrrr'y day!

     Valor on my wrists every morning

     Lavender after bug bites

     Ginger if any nausea hits (usually only comes if I get really hungry, so I don't let that happen!)


After our trip away (with many seafood (yum!) and dairy indulgences (not so yum on my tummy & skin)) we needed a refresh diet when we came home.

That meant lots of:

·      GMSmoothies

·      gluten-free toast and almond butter

·      tons of fresh salads and other sautéed vegetables

·      afternoon hemp protein smoothies (with frozen cherries, acai, and non-dairy milk)

·      spiced beans & quinoa

·      raw burritos (collard greens instead of wraps and finely ground cauliflower in replace of rice!)

·      healthy snacks: almonds, cashews, chocolate zucchini muffins, blackberry crumble (made with natural, sugar-free sweetener instead of sugar)

When I was pregnant with Owen I first felt him kick around week 17, so I’m hoping to feel that familiar flutter soon! Until next time…