Preggo Week 8-16: First Trimester Favourites!

We are just beaming over here with excitement as we recently shared the news that Owen’s going to be a big brother!

In the weeks to come I want to share more about how I found out the (surprising!) news and exactly how I felt, but for today I wanted to jump in and share with you some of my favourite pregnancy products for the first trimester - my go-to list when those two little lines appear!

As you’ve probably noticed I love to focus on all-natural, toxin-free products, so you'll notice this list is chalked full of natural goodness! Since making the switch to healthy eating this was the second area that got an over-haul last time I found I was pregnant. The brands I list below are brands that I trust their ingredients and commitment to quality products. I’m always on the lookout for more, so please share your suggestions here with the rest of us!

1. Prenatal Vitamins

After I’ve called my Dr/midwife/doula and made an appointment ASAP, I head to for my prenatal vitamins, along with vitamin D, fish oil, and probiotics (more on those later). I like to look for prenatals made with mostly whole food ingredients, and no gluten, dairy, or artificial ingredients. I started using New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Multivitamin with organic vegetables and herbs. So far I've found them to be the cheapest whole food option.

2. Stretch Mark Cream

I used to be a stretch mark cream junkie, I had so many little bottles of creams! But this time around I’ve decided to save money and use amazing ingredients I can also trust. I mix shea butter, coconut oil (I buy mine at Costco), and Young Living essential oils, specifically Gentle Baby, which is also known to help calm pregnancy emotions (Um, yes please!) I’ve also heard it suggested to try adding tamanu & castor oil to this mixture.


3. Nausea Remedies

My go-to (other than eating - I always get nauseous if I get too hungry) is YL lavender & ginger essential oils.


4. Belli Skin Care

Belli Skin Care line is the best! The brand is specifically designed for pregnant women, so there’s no harsh chemicals, while at the same time it’s treated to target hormonal acne. I buy their face wash, acne spot treatment, and moisturizer. I also had a sample of their under eye cream, and it felt very refreshing. (I find it lasted me about 4 months).


5. Energy

You might wonder how I can have energy on my shopping list? If only you could just pick some up at the store! Well Young Living's Ningxia Red might be closest thing to that, it is seriously my GAME CHANGER for pregnancy. It’s taken me from needing a 3 hour nap in the afternoons to a thirty minute rest, while Owen sleeps.


It’s like a steady feeling of energy without the gitteryness of coffee or energy drinks (both of probably which are not highly recommended during pregnancy!). Made with super fruits and essential oils, it's both delicious, all natural, and super effective. It's even great for your immune system! What's great too is that every Young Living starter kit (top 10 essential oils - so many that are perfect during pregnancy) also comes with two sample packs of Ningxia Red. For more info on starter kits, visit my oils page


There you have it my short list of absolute favs for the first trimester - they're meant to make you feel pampered, nourished, and feeling great; all while being natural and toxin-free - safe for you and baby.

If you haven't noticed yet, I'm very passionate about wellness & pregnancy! I've heard so many people use pregnancy as a reason to eat whatever you want and really ignore their health because "they're eating for two" or it's their time to just indulge in everything they want (except for the obvious no no's).

I love to take the opposite approach and say, this is the time to eat & treat yourself with absolute BEST, not worst; to nourish that ever growing little baby inside. That's not to say I don't give into the occasional poutine craving, but it's just not what I choose on the daily. My goal during his pregnancy is to share my journey with you, so that together we can use this time of pregnancy to nourish ourselves & babies with all the best stuff to feel amazing!

15 Weeks, first bump shot! 

15 Weeks, first bump shot! 

For my preggo readers, I'm here for you! Send me an email at with any health, fitness, or general pregnancy questions!