Mamapreneur: Beatrice-Tuley

Today we have Gretchen Segel from Beatrice-Tuley, an Etsy shop that makes boho-inspired handmade girls clothing and accessories, sharing a little about her business and life as a mamapreneur! 

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I am a crafter and sewist. I try to do both in my spare time. I also love nature walks with my daughters, fabric stores, bakeries and good coffee.

What inspired you to start your shop?

My daughters and husband inspired me to start my business. I made my first dresses for my daughters last summer. After receiving positive feedback from others, my husband encouraged me to sell them on Etsy.

How did you decide on your business name?

Beatrice is my Great Grandmother's name and it's also my first daughter's middle name.  Tuley is my husband's Grandfather's name and also my second daughter's middle name.

What makes your product/business unique?

I really enjoy playing with colour, texture and print with my garments. I think using my own creativity with each piece makes it unique.

What’s your favourite part about running your own business?

My very favourite part of my business is seeing my little customers wearing a Beatrice~Tuley piece! It's a great feeling.

What’s the hardest part about running your own business?

The least fun part is the paper work; keeping track of receipts, sales tax etc.

What’s it like being an entrepreneur and a mother?

The constant balance finding. Any spare time I want to be with my girls and any time left over I want to create. When I have orders to complete I try to fit it in either during school or after bedtime.

Where do you see your business in five years time?

I would like to have a wholesale manufactured line as well as a specialty handmade line. I have also considered opening a store that carries small independent children clothing/toy lines.

Thanks for sharing Gretchen! You can also follow Beatrice-Tuley on Instagram, here.