To the Tired Mama, It's Ok You Didn't Workout

It might surprise some of you, but I don’t workout every day. In fact, sometimes I don’t even workout every other day.

These past two week in particular have been unusually difficult. It seems that ever since Owen learned how to crawl up the couch on his own, without any warning we entered into a new season of toddler life; complete with another tooth coming in and unpredictable sleeping patterns.

I know to any new mom, telling you I have to wake up just once in the night sounds like a dream…but when you’re out of the newborn season, you almost forget what it’s like to wake up every 2-3 hours and suddenly just that one interruption throws your deep sleeping patterns completely off.

All of this to say, I’ve been waking up rather exhausted lately (and with terrible timing, I also ran out of Ningxia Red aka my super mama energy source). So with the launch of my business and extra exhaustion, working out seemed to get bumped down on my list of priorities. Not to mention, Owen decided to drop his morning nap, which also meant one less chunk of time for me to accomplish my stuff.

It was my hubby who encouraged me, "You need to lighten up on yourself! This is what you teach your clients – there are seasons where working out daily is a possibility and then there’s others where you’re tired and you need a few days to rest. That’s just showing yourself some grace, that’s just new mama life – balance. Besides keeping healthy and in shape is 80% nutrition." Wow. Yup. You're right Honey.

 So on those days you just can’t seem to muster up the energy to workout, try these instead. It'll keep you on track and feeling as great as you can...

1.     Eat fresh and mostly green. Load up your meals with extra veggies at every chance you have. Start the morning with a Gorgeous Mama Smoothie.

2.     Drink lots of water.

3.     Avoid excess sugar (even the “healthy” ones).

4.     Rest when your body tells you to (aka nap when they nap if you need to).

5.     Drink Ningxia Red.

6.     Don’t judge yourself.

7.     Rejuvenate, Refresh with some self-care (a bath, a book, prayer etc.).

Don’t be too hard on yourself mama! You can still pursue a healthy lifestyle and even reach your fitness goals, while giving yourself grace enough to take a rest when you need it. And remember this crazy season of life is just that, here for a season. So take a deep breath and go take a nap! Tomorrow is a new day. 

Having the tools you need to make the best nutritional decisions is one easy and time-friendly way to boost your energy levels, and feel great despite lack of sleep. If you want the opportunity to learn more about what foods can help you feel fantastic, I encourage you to check out the Something Gorgeous Mamas program, your fast-track to a life of wellness post pregnancy!