Mamapreneurs: Sweet Tees Shop

Mamas Jen & Brandie started Sweet Tees Shop October of 2014 as a fun side hobby turned business. Today we have Jen sharing a bit more about them on the blog!


Tell me a little bit about yourself...what best describes you?

We love diet coke and dr. pepper, late night trips to target, chocolate, estate sales, mexican food, and shopping!

What inspired you to start your shop/business?

We found ourselves looking for simple, fun tees for us and our kids and they were either hard to find or too expensive.  Screen printing had always been a side hobby of ours so we decided to learn a little more about it and start making our kids tees.  And from there Sweet Tees was born.


How did you decide on your business name?

The idea behind it was sweeties… which turned into Sweet Tees.  Which is also why you’ll find a little sweeties candy with each tee ordered :)

What makes your product/business unique?

Our tees are unique, simple, fun and designed with you and your kids in mind.  They are printed on the highest quality tees with lots of love.


What’s your favorite part about running your own business?

It’s the best to randomly come across someone we've never met wearing our tees.  Sweet Tees allows us to create something we are proud of, provide a little extra income for our families, and have fun while we are doing it!  We have met so many amazing, talented moms and dads in the small business world that help to encourage and inspire us!


What’s the hardest part about running your own business?

We both work as nurses, have young kids to take care of at home, and have a house to keep up… which means Sweet Tees work has to happen at night or during naps.  So sometimes making time can be a challenge.

What’s it like being an entrepreneur and a mother?

We love the flexibility it offers us to set our own schedules around our kids and families.  We want to inspire our kids to do what they love and to try new things, and we hope by jumping out there and doing something out of our comfort zone we accomplished that.


What does a day in your life look like?

Mostly spending time with our kids… playgrounds, zoo, arboretum, chick-fil-a, riding bikes, bounce houses.  We squeeze in time to work on Sweet Tees when kids are napping and after bedtime. 


Where do you see your business in five years time?

We hope to continue to grow our customer base over the next few years and have a consistent amount of orders coming in each week.  We would love to have a small shop that we could do our screen printing out of (with air conditioning :).