Mama Quotes {with Alyssa}

I grew up in the U.S. in Michigan and then went to college across the country in Florida.  In college I met my goofy instant best friend, Ben, who later became my husband. I was working as a nurse and he was a youth pastor.  We were crazy happy and content with our little family of 2 (4 if we included our fur babies) for almost 4 years when we (especially my husband) wanted to grow our family.  I got pregnant with a little boy and had a pretty awful pregnancy and an even more awful delivery via C-section.  I was pretty unprepared for how difficult those first few weeks were with a newborn!  After many sweet moments mixed with a lot of overwhelming ones, I can say that I absolutely LOVE being a mama to Arthur Wesley ("Ari").  I love all the different types of moments. I'm trying to cherish each stage and its challenges and beauty. It's gone so fast already! We are now about to make a big change and move to Montreal to plant churches. I can't wait to raise Ari in our new city! 

What is one thing you love most about motherhood?
I love the amount of love I am capable of knowing. I love Ari SO much. Sometimes I feel like my heart is literally going to explode.  I remember friends and family members telling me "you don't know love until you've had a child".  I never understood that but now I get it.  It's really is amazing.  He is part of me and part of my husband. I see so much of us and our family members in him.  It's impossible to explain how it feels to have so much love in your heart.  It gives me just a taste of the love that God, my Heavenly Father, has for me. And then when your baby starts to really reciprocate that love, it's so beautiful. I just can't stop hugging him and kissing his little cheeks! 

What's been the hardest thing about motherhood?
I think one of the hardest things about motherhood is how much space my little boy takes up in my head.  I feel like I think about him 24/7.  Even if I'm thinking about something else, he's on my mind at the same time.  I constantly have to remind myself not to worry about him, but to pray instead.  I also have to be much more intentional about my marriage now. I no longer have all the time I used to for connecting with my sweet hubby. It can be so hard to care about anything or anyone else as much as I desire to because I am so focused on my baby. 

Lastly, what surprised you the most? 

The "mom club" that I immediately entered when I got pregnant was pretty surprising to me. People I had never met started coming up and speaking to me both when I was pregnant and now that I have an almost 7 month old.  Sometimes it's amazing to have others that understand what I'm going through and sometimes the boldness of their opinions shock me a little bit.  Mom judging is real but so is the encouragement and bond of mama friendship.  I'd never trade this awesome mom life for anything.