Mama Quotes {with Claire Power}

Super excited to have Claire Power, French-born, Australia living, new mama of twins, creative blogger and health coach behind the Healthy French Wife, and author of her own Ebook on our Mama Quotes today! 

What is the one thing you love most about motherhood?

Being the lucky person that get to see Eloise & James grow and interact each day. I feel lucky as a mum that I got to grow them in my tummy and get to spend my days at home with them. I feel sorry for my husband who doesn’t get as much time with them. I love spending the day with them. Seeing them hold hands or smile to each other makes my twin mama’s heart explode!

What’s been the hardest part?

Worrying for the health and wellness of my twins is the hardest thing for me as a mum. My pregnancy was high risk and very stressful but luckily we got two healthy twins! But now that they are born the worrying does not stop. I guess it comes with being a mum but I am forever worried one or the other is behind with their rolling/crawling/talking/eating/the list goes on… I always worry that they are not reaching the next milestone in time. I also worry that they do not get enough one-on-one time with me.

What surprised you the most?

I had heard so many negative comments about having twins, the lack of sleep, the fact my life was over and that I will never have a minute to myself anymore once they were born. I was a little worried (again!) but I have found the past 6 months to be much easier than I had anticipated. I guess I had prepared myself for the worst and I am happily surprised to be sleeping 8 hours every night on average (lucky me!), being able to do some fitness everyday, going out for coffees and lunch, being social, reading books, blogging, creating recipes and spending time with my husband.  Being a (twin) mum does not have to be a life sentence. 

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