Gili Gili Films

I'm gittery with excitement as I write this post because Gili Gili Films is the next big thing for Montreal Mamas! 

We had the privilege of shooting a video of our little family with them and the finished product was truly a keepsake! Today I have the creative beauties behind Gili Gili films, Ashley and Elena to share with us a little about Gili Gili Films and just what makes them so special!

In my personal experience, they were wonderful to work with, and Owen loved them (which is most important)! The special moments of our every day life they were able to capture was so precious to be able to watch over and over again.

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Tell me a bit about yourselves, business and friendship that started it all.

After meeting Elena, Ashley told her husband that she’d finally met her filmmaking soulmate. We bonded over just about everything - from our taste in films, to our obsession with podcasts, to our tendency to tear up way too quickly when we listen to a moving story.

We also love documentaries. Just last month, we had the first public screening of one of our documentaries at Scotiabank Theatre in downtown Montreal. The film, titled Community Talks (click here to watch the trailer), was even featured on Global News and in the Montreal Gazette. It was pretty crazy and kinda scary to see our work on the big screen!

And this Mother’s Day, we’re launching something totally new: Gili Gili Films, our own little production company that specializes in making baby and family videos!





What inspired you to start Gili Gili Films?

After working together on a bunch of film projects, we decided that we enjoyed each other’s company so much that it was time to start our own business together!

A few months ago, we were filming a short documentary that featured the most adorable family ever. On our way home, we chatted about how much fun we’d had during the shoot. The kids were baking brownies with their mom and their hands and faces were covered in flour and chocolate - it felt like we were getting a unique glimpse into their beautiful little family. We realized that, unlike adults, children are much less aware of the presence of a camera, and so there are lots of opportunities to capture cute and funny candid moments.

It came to our attention that many parents around us are using their iPhones to capture photos and videos of their children’s cutest moments, but those digital files end up sitting in a folder on their computer and not necessarily edited or even preserved in a physical way that will last for years.

We started talking to our friends and family about the idea of producing baby and family videos. Funny enough, Elena’s mum has been telling her for years that she should be making videos with kids. And the more we looked into this possibility, the more positive feedback we got - especially from parents of babies and toddlers.

When we decided to take the leap, we wanted to find a company name that really resonated with us on a personal level. Being Serbian, Elena grew up hearing a nursery rhyme that went: “Buba lazi nesto trazi, buba lazi nesto trazi, gili gili gili gili gili!” (The bug is lying, crawling, looking for somethingthen, tickle torture)! Much like the French word guili, the word gili means tickle in Serbian. The image of a child being tickled seemed like the perfect way of capturing our vision of creating fun and playful family videos - hence the name Gili Gili Films!  


Who is Gili Gili Films perfect for?

Gili Gili Films is perfect for parents who want a visual memory of their family life together - especially for those with babies, toddlers, or young children.

There are three different packages to choose from: The Keepsake Package (a 3-4 minute family video with a 30-second trailer), the Cinema Package (an 8-10 minute family documentary with a 45-second trailer), and the Chronology Package (a 20-minute family documentary filmed over the span of 12 months, including a 1-minute trailer, perfect for those who want to capture their baby’s development over time.)

We’re also happy to offer free consultations, where we can chat about our different packages and brainstorm creative ways of capturing your child’s unique personality and your family’s style. Maybe your child lights up when you read their favourite book or maybe they giggle every time you do a funny dance. Do you have any favourite family activities or maybe a special spot in the city where you like to hang out?  Every child and every family is unique, and that’s what we hope to preserve in your video.

Why do you think moms will love your videos?

We think moms (and dads!) will love our videos because they’re a perfect way to capture all the adorable things that you love about your child - their charming laugh, their tiny hands, their funny quirks, their gentle smile, and so much more.

How would you describe your film style?

We try to keep things casual, and we go with the flow to make the filmmaking experience enjoyable and relaxed while you enjoy spending time with your family. Our hope is that your child (or children) will barely notice us, so that we can really capture their personality. As such, we work as flies on the wall, using discreet equipment and playing with natural light to collect organic memories.

What is unique about Gili Gili Films?

Given our professional experience in documentary filmmaking, we’re able to offer everyday families a cinematic video that they can watch and rewatch for years to come.

Anything else you want people to know?

Yes! We’re launching our website this Mother’s Day and we’ll be running a contest offering a free family film package to a lucky Montreal mum - so like our Facebook page and our Instagram page to stay tuned for our contest details!