Flashback: Things I Miss About Pregnancy

As my a number of my friends are in the final stretch of their pregnancies or just welcomed their new babes into the worlds, I dedicate this throwback post to them; all the things I miss and definitely don’t miss about being pregnant.

“My first pregnancy is slowly coming to an end – and when I say slowly, I mean “now I know why all my mom friends have been telling me the last month feels like the longest of your life” kind of slowly - I’ve been thinking through things I’m really looking forward to post-pregnancy. To start off…

-Not having heartburn after drinking a smoothie.

-Not having heartburn after eating a cracker.

-Not having heartburn after drinking a glass of water.

-Did I mention not having heartburn?

-Not having to awkwardly use a fitness ball as a chair when my friends are over because my lower back is in constant pain.

-Not having to pee every. ten. minutes.

-Not craving Cherry Blasters, Pop-Tarts, BBQ chips, and every other food from my childhood.

-Not having a human size pillow sleep in our bed every night; we’ve nicknamed him “Robin,” cause he’s robbin’ our bed space.

-Not having a belly button that looks like a third nipple on my stomach.

-Not having to ask my poor husband to get me anything that is more than an arm’s length out of reach.

-Not crying over everything. Like the time Aaron & I went out for dessert…like when that couple infront of us in line bought the last chocolate mousse cup.

-Sleeping through the night again. Oh wait…

And then I pondered the questions and comments I definitely won’t miss. Such as…

1.     “How much weight has she gained?” (Yes, someone literally asked this when I wasn’t there.)

2.     “But your bump is so tiny!” (Yes, BUT it doesn’t make it any less of a bump!)

3.     “You should probably stop feeding her so many beans!” - literally said to my husband in front of me. As if, first of all my husband sits down and feeds me and secondly…weight gain jokes when I’m standing right there? What are people thinking?! LOL!


However, jokes aside, deep down I’m going to really miss being pregnant…

-I’m going to miss those little kicks reminding me there is a real life little human boy inside of me.

-People standing up to give me their seat on the metro.

-Those sympathetic looks and smiles from other pregnant moms on the street, kind of like this automatic sisterhood connection that happens.

-Shopping online for all our baby gear and getting just as excited about UPS delivering a MamaRoo, as if it was a chair I could fit in.

-Believe it or not, my maternity pants – oh that stretchy belly-band.

-Texting my midwife friend with all my crazy pregnancy questions.

-That feeling of accomplishing a 10-minute prenatal yoga video, as if I just completed a marathon.  (Go me!)

-Staying up all hours of the night watching The Good Wife just to get through the heartburn.

-YouTubing my favorite meltdown scene from “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” just to feel that I’m not alone, somebody gets me, THANK YOU ELIZABETH BANKS!

And mostly, all the love, support, and prayers from family & friends every doctor’s appointment & ultrasound step of the way.

The thought that we’re going to have a son in only a few short weeks is so hard to get my brain around – it fills me with questions (like “how do I wrap this Boba carrier thing - there’s like 80 feet of material?!”) and concerns (“Am I really ready to be a mom?”), but mostly it overwhelms me with excitement and joy. We get to be parents! The Lord is gifting us with something, someone, so incredible and special and we get to have him join our little family!

But until then, I created a “pregnancy bucket-list,” as in “I must absolutely do & enjoy all of these things (maybe several times) before getting pregnant again!” (Aaron is fully aware of this list!)

1.     Eat sushi (the raw fish kind!) Boy, do I miss a good Bakudan Roll!!

2.     Go on a roller coaster! (This summer I watched our interns go to a huge amusement park; I was the official bag & sunglasses holder)

3.     Go to a Spa with a sauna treatment – I skipped out on great New Years Eve plans (not complaining) at this luxury spa in Old Montreal since the treatment is supposed to raise and cool your body temperature!

4.     Go Ice Skating, Skiing, or Tobogganing.  Or any other sport where I could fall and get hurt.

5.     Sleep on my stomach. Oh how I increasingly miss that.

6.     Go for a walk longer than to the metro stop. And then go for a RUN!

Here's the craziness that is pregnancy and the unique roller coaster ride it takes each of us preggo mamas on!