How to Have the Most Energy as a New Mama


Ahhh to have more energy. It seems like every new mama’s dream to wake up feeling rested and refreshed. Now while I might not be able to guarantee you a full night’s rest with your new little addition in the mix, believe it or not I can help you maximize your energy through the foods you eat, as well as when you eat them.

You may not realize your afternoon caffeinated drink and pastry are actually sucking even more of your energy away from you or that your carb filled breakfast is not actually fueling your day the way you think it is.

However, with a few small changes over time, you can actually start feeling more rested, with more energy to take on the day, even if you miss your morning cup of coffee!

This topic is something I heavily focus on during the Something Gorgeous Mamas program, so today I wanted to give you a brief glimpse into how you can maximize your energy.

  1. Start with a smoothie. The Gorgeous Mamas Smoothie, based on the Beauty Detox method, drinking this actually keeps your body in “detox” mode throughout the morning, so your body can focus its energy on eliminating waste as opposed to the extra energy of digesting protein/carbs first thing in the morning.
  2. Superfoods – You may not know a lot about them (yet!) but certain superfoods (aka super nutrient dense foods) can naturally increase your energy without the buzz of caffeine or an energy drink. Wolfberry aka Acai is one them! Which is why I swear by Young Living's Ningxia Red.
  3. Get moving – I agree, there will be some days where working out is just not an option given excessive lack of sleep or just the season that you’re in. However, on the days when you can (even if you feel a little tired) getting those healthy endorphins flowing during a workout will boost your mood and energy levels.

There’s just a few tips to increase your energy during the day. If you’d like to learn more and develop a plan to pack your days with superfoods, gorgeous foods, easy workouts, and energy then please email me about my one-on-one wellness styling sessions!

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