Mama Quotes {with Emily Morrice}

Today we have Emily, a Montreal mama of three kids under age five, a free-lance writer and blogger over at Our Nest In The City

I'm happy to share her thoughts on motherhood with you all today! Enjoy!

Our days as parents of babies are over, and it seems like our three are going on adulthood tomorrow at the rate they’re growing and changing, so I’m glad for the opportunity to pause and reflect on being a mom of little ones. Thanks for having me, Samantha!

Motherhood is my life’s work, and there are so many things I love about it. I love how being a mom has revealed my own selfishness and need for God’s grace. I thought I was pretty holy before I had kids, haha! The more I’m stretched by my kids, the more I need God, and that’s a good place to be. I also love taking care of them. I’m the weird mom who loves when her kids are sick! I love meeting their needs and comforting them, plus the extra snuggles don’t hurt!

It’s hard to not let being a mom become your only identity. This happens so easily to moms, and I can see the temptation for myself too. Though being a mother is a huge role I play, I’m a child of God first (not to mention a wife, a friend, a church member, a neighbour, a writer). When motherhood becomes paramount, it’s crushing when things don’t go as you planned. Your child doesn’t meet a milestone as fast as their peers, you face infertility or miscarriage, your child enters a rebellious phase, etc. Having my identity apart from motherhood helps cushion the hard parenting days, and also protects me from the pride that so easily comes from the good ones. 

I remember being pregnant with my first baby and seeing a friend who had two kids at the time, and was pregnant with her third. Her life looked EXHAUSTING to me. I couldn’t imagine ever being at that stage of life. I can honestly say, it’s been surprising and amazing to see how with each child, I’ve grown and stretched. Having one child is exhausting, as is having three, but you mature and develop as a mother each day. Some days I’m tempted to test my theory and have six kids! 

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