Life in this Stage...



I love the idea of rising early in the morning with a French press coffee, a freshly printed newspaper (or nowadays my favorite blogs on my tablet), the warm sun shining, sitting on my porch in a rocking chair (this is my fantasy where I’m not in concrete city living condo life), soaking in the first few hours of the day either alone or with my hubby rocking beside me.

This does not describe my current situation.

Usually my morning wakes by the voice of a small child who’s been awake for I’m guessing thirty minutes before me. I finally open my eyes from under my eye mask to reluctantly welcome 630 in the morning. I share my bed with a small little hungry human clinging to me for his breakfast (I am of course referring to Owen, not Aaron). I then spend the first bit of the morning making smoothies, putting away the dishes, picking up tiny toys that have found their way to the kitchen floor, and enjoying what I lovingly refer to as “second breakfast” for both myself and Owen, who eagerly awaits in his highchair.

Needless to say, my mornings don’t quite look like coffee on the porch. But you know? That’s ok. For one thing, I've found little ways to enjoy these mornings. I get Owen to help in my green smoothie making. He loves touching new things like lettuce. I say "music?" and he rushes over to my record player. We listen and dance to "Billion" by Mat Kearney on repeat. I get down on the floor and build a block tower with him. And now that it's Spring, we usually try to get out for a walk.


More and more I’m beginning to realize that life and accomplishing your dreams happens in stages. I’ve got big dreams and plans for my career, for life as a mom and wife, for travel and adventure; but they’re not all going to happen today or even this year. Life comes in season and stages. Some with the time to slow drink a French press, others with just enough time to wipe a highchair clean.  As a “mamapreneur” it’s learning to be patient and work hard over years of slow progression that help you enjoy everything else that’s going on right here and right now in the process. For now, I'll have a glimpse of those still moments, while my hubby watches  Owen and I get a little coffee and magazine "me time."

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