Adventure Isn't Always Easy

I want to confess something to all you aspiring adventurous, Ergo-wearing, city-living, travelling mamas. It may already be apparent to you, but adventure with littles is not always easy!

Take our last trip to Knoxville for example...


Mishap #1 We thought it would be a great idea to have an evening flight so Owen could get both his naps in before flying, even if it meant a later arrival time. However, Owen had another idea in mind to keep his first nap short and skip the second one altogether! We arrived close to midnight with one over-tired, crying baby.

Mishap #2 Owen got his molars in during this trip, which made him rather unpredictable and doubled the lack of sleep we got the first five nights.

Mishap #3 Owen got his molars in AND was sleeping in a playpen which he already hates.

Mishap#4 We let him sleep in our twin sized bed – aka awkward side sleeping and sore backs for both of us.

Mishap #5 Owen doesn’t take day naps unless I’m in the car driving, which meant lots of Starbucks drive-through runs, sitting in a parking lot using their wifi or reading a book (plus side).

Mishap #6 A busy schedule on Aaron’s part (this was mostly a work trip) and a lot of time alone with Owen, left me feeling rather exhausted.


But, now a month later, do you know what I remember most about this trip? Our 5-mile hike in Cade’s Cove on his day off. Our adventurous drive through the mountains. Our visit to see his sister and family. Our lunch at a beautiful hotel with a view. The cutest photos of Owen.

Sometimes adventure and memory making comes with a big price tag. But if you go into it expecting to not get a lot of sleep, expecting it’s going to be draining, and expecting you’re going to come home needing a few days vacation from your vacation - and also expecting great memories, expecting great photos, and expecting adventure around every corner - I think you’ll find just that.