Mama Quotes {with Morgan Thrall}

Today we hear from my friend and mama blogger of Momo In The 6, Morgan Thrall (or Momo), for our Mama Quotes series. (ps how cute is her little guy?! Can't wait to see their second edition on the way!)


I love how much fun my son and I have together. It is such a pleasure and a privilege to spend my days with him and to watch him grow into the kind, curious, and funny little boy that he is. I love to see things through his eyes, like when we walk the half a block to the park and it takes us ten minutes to walk there because he wants to stop and look at everything and point and ask what every little thing along the way is. It allows me to stop and take the time to admire how beautiful and amazing everything around me is!

I find the most difficult thing is not being selfish. My husband works incredibly long hours and at the end of a long day I so often just want to get tasks done quickly, without interruption and can get frustrated when my son wants to be involved or see what I am doing. I try to remind myself that every moment can be an enjoyable one and a moment to teach him something new or inspire a new passion in him! Even if it takes three times as long and makes 20 times the mess to let him be involved in things like making food, it’s always worth it to watch his eyes light up and the food before him or watch him smell food and taste it and then go to his play kitchen and pretend to cook and taste the food he is making.

I was surprised at just how fun life is with kids. I had my son when I was 25 years old, which is quite young by city living standards, and part of me feared that I would feel like I was missing out on other things that friends my age were doing. Our lives are so much richer and more interesting with kids, and now that we have our sweet little Finn + almost baby #2, I can’t imagine a better way to do it!

You can visit her blog Momo In The 6 and follow her on Instagram @morganthrall