Superfood Smoothie Bowl

There's nothing like getting a whole bunch of superfoods together in one meal - it's a party! Sometimes it can seem hard to get these antioxidant, high protein, fiber loving foods into your diet - but with some awesome smoothie blending it's not so difficult! 

What's so super about these superfoods?

Cacao Nibs - Cacao nibs are an amazing source of iron (hello energy for the day!), potassium, and fibre. They're crunchy and the perfect topping for our smoothie bowl - plus you feel like you've got a little shoutout to chocolate in there.

Brazil Nuts - These nuts are the number one plant source of selenium aka a powerful antioxidant. Not to mention they are a complete protein, and high in both magnesium and fiber. Chop a few up (just 1-2/day gives your body the total selenium it needs!) and sprinkle them on top.

Maca Powder (gelatinized) - A natural aphrodisiac (hey-o!) with a delicious taste!

Coconut Milk Powder -  100% dairy and lactose free, a dietary fiber, AND a prebiotic (perfect to complement any probiotics you're taking) makes it a great milk replacement mixed with water for this smoothie bowl.

Organic Morenga Leaf Powder - This stuff is chalked full of nutrients - especially for vegans - this stuff contains 21x more protein than steak!

Blueberries - One of the highest levels of antioxidants available (next to Acai berries), along with vitamin A, C, E!

So there you have it, an all-star nutritionally packed line-up for this smoothie bowl, to enjoy as breakfast or a mid-morning snack! You can find the full recipe in all SG Wellness Bundles!