Hello Third Trimester! (+ my pre-labor to-do list!)

Hello Third Trimester!!

We (and I say "we" because, let's be honest, my hubby has been right there when I'm too tired to get up and reach, well, anything or let's just say a little extra emotional on, well, everything) are well into the third trimester!! I’m almost 37 weeks!!

Something about the 36 week milestone me hard….it really could be ANY day!!

I’ve been so busy getting settled in our new city, taking care of the little man, spending time with new & old friends, and girl bossing so hard on my new project that has the hard deadline of “BEFORE THIS BABY COMES” – that this pregnancy has truly flown by.

When I realized I was 36 weeks last Thursday I almost went into panic mode – this is when I get my nesting mode on!!! Let’s clean every corner of the house, dust every unseen place, and make a million freezer meals so I don’t have to cook for months post delivery (as if, that food lasts like a week)!!

I mean this time last pregnancy, I had my hospital bag packed and ready to go, a printed birth plan, and the nursery was perfectly set up.

This time…. my bags are not packed, we still have high ambitions of turning our over-sized walk-in closet into this Pinterest worthy nursery, and the only thing I’ve baked is cookies that we’ve already eaten.

But now that I’ve said hello to week 36 (and the occasional day of Braxton Hicks), I’m ready to get my usual nesting mode back into full swing.

So here’s my pre-labour to-do list. I’m hoping it will help give you some direction if you’re like me and totally overwhelmed by just how fast this day is approaching!!

  1. Get Organized – I know I’ll feel a bit calmer if my bags are ready to go or everything I want for birth is in arms reach. A few of my main essentials include comfy warm socks (I hate having cold feet), my diffuser (you know I’m gonna have allllll the oils going), and all the post labor TLC goods (ClaraDerm bottom spray, my diy nipple butter, and other things with fun names likes that).
  2. Start freezing meals – If nothing else the best way I can pack a lot of meal prep in a little amount of time, is to double whatever I’m making for the next few weeks – eat half, freeze half and voila I’ll have a bunch of coming-home-ready meals! Here’s a great list by Oh She Glows of freezer-friendly meals.
  3. Pack my Oily Labor Kit – I only just got into oils near the end of my last pregnancy so this time around I feel much more prepared. I’ve got a whole kit on oils to prep your body for labor, oils to speed up or slow down labor, pain & stress management during labor, and of course postpartum care. I’m so excited to have these to support my body this time!! If you want to know more about my oils & labor plan, you can like The Wellness Stylist Facebook page where I’ll be going live on Facebook near the end of the month to tell you all about it! Stay tuned for more details.
  4. Yoga, Red Raspberry Tea, Kegels, ClaraDerm Spray & Evening Primerose Oil – These are all things I also use to prep my body for labor! Yoga to stretch and loosen out, raspberry tea and kegels to strengthen my uterus, and ClaraDerm Spray & evening primerose to soften everything up there. I’m hoping this and the help of my doula really helps to lessen or avoid any tearing.
  5. Put my Doula & Midwife team in my speed dial – I have a feeling in the moment I’m gonna be so out of it to remember where to find their numbers! I even had a dream I forgot to call my doula & midwife, had the baby in a quick 3 hours and was already home in disbelief that I forgot, since I’m so looking forward to having their help this delivery!!
  6. Rest & Play– It can be so hard to fully soak in moments, but I really want to savor this time of just being a family of three; stay-at-home date nights and time playing and just being with Owen.

Part of me is sad to see this pregnancy come to an end (other than heartburn, I really love being pregnant) but another part of me is ready to see our family grow, Owen become a big brother, and our hearts expand in ways we don’t even know they can.