Our Love Story


As I sit on this relaxing morning, reading, crumbs on the table in front of me, multi-colored blocks scattered around my feet below me, and Aaron singing, and practicing guitar in the room down the hall, it’s easy to forget the days before we were together, the days when I would have done anything just to hear his sweet voice singing from the other room.

Flash forward almost three years later and we’re in another city, we’re planting a church, we have a baby, I finished another degree, I’m starting my own business and being a mom; a lot has changed in a short amount of time.

But as I sat here this morning with my maple almond latte, my mind wandered back to before it was just normal to be best friends, roommates, and lovers.


Before we were dating.

Before he “got a clue”

Before I hoped and prayed we’d be together

Before I travelled to Paris and had all those crazy dreams about marrying him.

Before I was dating another guy when I met him.

Before the first “nice to meet you” in the middle of my favorite Starbucks.

Before I said, “Why can’t I date a guy that looks like that?”

Before this cute guy was sitting reading with his French press coffee a few tables over.

Before it all began.


And just the same, my heart beats faster and my soul rejoices in the plans of God himself to bring us together and all the new seasons of life that knit our hearts together still.


Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

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