What's Owen Eating + His Grocery Shopping List

Owen's Staples Grocery List:




sweet potato or butternut squash


silken tofu

organic (+ fortified with Iron) oatmeal cereal

brown rice cakes (broken into small pieces)

sips of mom's Gorgeous Mama Smoothie (spinach/kale, apple, lemon)

bites of dad's Chia seed donut (Oh She Glows cookbook recipe)

some mix-ins: enfant probiotics + Omega 3 oil + vitamin D

We've also discovered a new pudding favourite! It's high in protein, easy and delicious too!


Sweet Potato Protein Pudding

1 small sweet potato

1/4-1/2 Cup quinoa

1/2 Cup tofu, soft/silken

Almond milk (enough to smooth consistency)


Blend everything in a high speed blender!