What's Owen Eating + Toddler Life


Life with a toddler. I don't think anyone prepared me for the intense love and intense crazy of this season.

I LOVE it because every day I watch him learn and say new things, grow in his independence, and watch his little (or rather big) personality start to emerge; it continually amazes me. Just randomly we asked him where his nose and eyes were and to our shock (since it's not like we've been sitting there every morning with flash cards), he pointed to them both!

And I call it an intensely crazy season because he is trying to have so much independence - try letting a kid feed himself chia pudding (it is messy business y'all) - or suddenly fighting his second nap unless he's ridiculously tired.

So lately, when it comes to food it's been hit and miss. Textures are a big deal, and he will refuse something just based on that. However, as I'm trying to raise a little foodie, I usually try to feed it to him again with hopes for a better reaction!


So with a little bit of pickiness in there, I get SO excited (maybe too excited) when he likes a food right away. As I'm slowly weaning him and also trying to incorporate mostly vegan foods, I've been digging around for some well-rounded meals to make sure he's got all his nutrients. This week we've been trying a variety of new things as and I thought I'd share what went over well.

Chia Seed Pudding (except the part where he wants to feed it to himself)

Sliced strawberries, blueberries, and apples

This vegan toast

Buckwheat & Quinoa crackers are his favourite (occasionally with almond butter)

Green smoothies (he's always loved these)

Cooked Lentils (cooked red lentils, with coconut oil, almond milk, and a touch of brown rice syrup - this only went over well when I blended the lentils til they are super smooth). Next time I'm going to add some nutritional yeast to give him some Vitamin B12.

Sunshine Smoothie (blended oranges, strawberries, almond milk)

Sweet potato fries

Grilled tempeh (cut into strips)

When he takes a bottle, we've been using goat's milk (as it's easier to digest than cow's milk) 


I hope these few ideas will inspire you to venture out with some new foods and recipes with your littles.