Let's face it, life with a baby has really changed things! And if you're like us, date nights in have become a somewhat regular thing (although thanks to our amazing friends who do watch Owen so we can get out of the house every now and again on a "real date")

Over the new few posts I want to share with you a deliciously romantic menu of our favourite dishes (I promise you it ends with chocolate).

First up, appetizers...

Who doesn't love a cheese and nut platter?

You can go all out with various cheeses, if you're "mostly vegan" like us, you can make your own cashew cheese (it's really really easy!), the roasted garlic from this recipe is my personal fav.

Next a platter of cut up veggies (cucumber, red peppers, snap peas), with this hummus recipe and a few crackers, something like these gluten-free ones, and you're all set.

Add something fancy to drink and you've got yourself a mini hors d'oeuvres party before your main meal!