What's in my Gym Bag

I've always found that a well-packed and most importantly pre-packed gym bag ensures I actually make it to the gym!

This is super important for me because I'm that girl who give up and go home if I forgot my iPod. I'm pretty sure I've left the gym altogether just because I forgot my headphones or disappeared for twenty minutes in the change room (Aaron wondering where I went) just to finish editing my "running playlist."

Whether you're joining the resolutioners and signed up for a gym membership this cold January (go you!!) or you're a gym rat, a handy packing list can, well, really come in handy!

Here's a peek of what's in my gym bag

  1. Runners. (I've actually forgotten these before!)
  2. Headphones. (I used to rock these ginormous big pink ones!)
  3. Cute socks. No one will really see these, but sometimes they poke out of my runners and when they do, I want them to be cute & colorful!!
  4. Leggings + Sports Bra + Tank. (clothes = kind of a given)
  5. Lip balm. Especially for winter- dry lips can drive me crazy!
  6. En-R-Gee or Lavender essential oil. One if I need a little added boost and the other if I have a runny nose before running.
  7. Thieves water-less hand purifier. After all the metro germs just to get their and then all the sweaty equipment, this santizer is perfect for on the go (plus it smells like Christmas)!
  8. Deep Relief. This essential oil roll-on (currently being renamed and rereleased in Canada) does wonders helping soothe my sore muscles. This cool icy feeling is exactly what I need.
  9. S'well Bottle. For water that stays cold my whole workout.
  10. Hair elastic. (cause long hair)
  11. FitBit. to track my distance, steps, and heart rate. I swear those challenges make me get miles more in each week!
  12. Lock. To keep all my stuff safe!

What's in your gym bag?