What's Owen Eating + Baked Apples Recipe!

Once Owen approached the six month mark (all the way back in August) people began asking me what Owen was eating and for a while the answer was "nothing" - well nothing except nutritious breastmilk.

Owen is almost approaching his one year birthday (*insert load gasp by a mother who can't believe it's true*) and the answer has changed a little, but not much. While I'm still mainly BFing, Owen has been exploring new foods in between. 

He's had avocado (his first food!), banana, sweet potato, almond milk, kale, spinach, apple, carrots, mango, squash, blueberries, tofu, prunes, usually with some infant probiotics and occasionally coconut oil or quinoa mixed in.

And if my father-in-law was reading this then he would add the bite of chocolate icecream in the summer to the list (which Aaron rather quickly tried to scoop out of his mouth, props to dad). Ha!

As he approaches one my plan is to continue breastfeeding, while also increasing more foods throughout the day, such as brown rice (soaked and blended) and slowly weaning. (I've got an exciting birthday cake in the works!) 

Here's one of Owen's Favourties....


Owen's Nutritious Baked Apples

1-2 Apples, chopped


splash lemon juice

1-2 tsp coconut oil

1/4tsp scoop infant probiotics (optional)

drop vitamin D (optional)


  1. Boil chopped apples in a saucepan with a little water and lemon juice (enough to cover approx half the apples but not covered), for about five minutes or until soft.
  2. Add remaining ingredients and blend everything together in a high speed blender until smooth.
  3. Cool to room temperature. 
  4. Spoon feed to your little cute! 


What are your kiddos eating these days?