Spice Up Your Salads (+ eat yo greens!)

One of the best ways to overcome cravings and sugar attacks is by focusing on what you're adding into your diet instead of just what you're avoiding.

Shifting your focus to how many greens and vegetables you can get into a day makes things a whole lot easier!

That's why I love huge hearty salads for lunch! You can mix it up from day to day and keep things tasty and enjoyable.

Some of my favourite salad combinations:

 Arugula + toasted pecans + tempeh (or quinoa) + mango (or roasted butternut squash) + red onion + dressing (olive oil, sea salt, lemon juice, stevia, and cumin powder)

Spinach + arugula + tomatoes + grilled tofu with turmeric powder + hemp hearts + avocado + dressing (olive oil, lemon juice, dijon mustard, sea salt, stevia)

Spiralized zucchini + sliced zucchini + shredded carrots + hemp hearts + dressing (sesame oil, sea salt, lemon juice)

Focus on drinking more water, adding more greens, and eating fresh whole foods! It should keep your sugar cravings away as you focus on what you're adding into your diet as opposed to what you're trying to avoid :)