Befriending Your Cravings

Cravings. Everybody deals with them! Most of us have a harder time dealing with them over the holiday season, which is why I’m focusing this month I’ll be helping you befriend your cravings, and sharing my week by week journey of quitting sugar (with some help from the popular iQuit Sugar book by Sarah Wilson).

With cravings, I’ve found that over time, as I changed my diet I’ve been able to also change my taste buds quite significantly. The overly sugar laden goodies I used to consume have lost a lot of their appeal over time.

However that doesn’t mean they don’t pop up again from time to time – especially when I’m under any kind of stress. Being a new mom can bring out all sorts of unexpected stress. So it’s important to make sure you have some go to easy, comfort, but healthy snacks to reach for!

First I want to help you discover your “Cravings Profile”

Take a few minutes to ask yourself:

1.     When?

·      When do I struggle with cravings the most? In the morning? In the evening? Pin point when you give in the most to maybe not the best foods.

2.     What?

·      What do you crave most? Sweet? Salty? Savory? Spicy?

3.     Where?

·      Are you more likely to indulge when you’re alone and no one is watching? When you’re at a restaurant? When you’re with a group of people at a party? Understanding when you’re more likely to make less healthy choices can help prepare yourself beforehand.

4.     Why?

·      In those moments of intense cravings dig a little deeper and ask yourself why you’re craving something. Are you tired or bored? Are you annoyed? Did you just workout and feel “justified” to eat whatever you want? Or are you actually hungry?

Not all cravings are bad. Over the next few weeks I hope to help you befriend your cravings and indulge them with the best foods possible (recipes coming your way)!

What are your methods for befriending your cravings? Comment below!