New Mama Gift Basket {DIY}


Ever since having Owen, it’s honestly my pure joy and excitement to care for mamas to be. My new favourite thing is buying them the things absolutely no will ever buy them and they would never put on their registry list - y'know, things like nipple butter and new mama bottom spray. (I said this to a single friend who looked me with huge eyes, "what are those things!?" So depending on how well you know the pregnant mama this might just be the perfect shower gift - a welcome home basket, complete with items for baby and self-care stuff for mama she'd never think to ask anyone for but will love you for it (I know I would!).


Some ideas for your own Mama Gift Basket


Sitz Bath 

A Candle

Milk Maid or Fennel Tea

Nipple Butter

New Mama Bottom Spray

Re-usable Nipple Pads

Cozy Socks for the hospital

Sleep Mask

 Essential Oils:

Lavender is the most used essential oils for mom & baby (you can make things like moisturizers or baby powder)

Progessence Plus (helps support hormones) is a fantastic oil for new mamas. I always say if I could afford to gift every new mama with Progessense Plus & Ningxia Red (an antioxidant full natural energy booster), I would!! They are serious game changers.


Beyond anything you can physically bring your friend – just be there for her. Be there for her days of frustration, for middle of the night texts when she’s tired and doesn’t know what to do, to babysit, to socialize, to love and support her throughout the ups and downs of new motherhoods. Choose to be part of her "mama tribe." For that, she’ll thank you forever.