Confessions of a Mamapreneur (+ 5 Helpful Tips)

Mamas + Entrepreneurs = Mamapreneurs = Super Heros!

Mamapreneurs or Mompreneurs have been on my mind a lot this month, primarily because I just recently joined this club of creative, inspirational, and maybe slightly crazy women.

Maybe it’s just me (I know it’s not) but just getting laundry done, meal prepping, and all the little tasks of taking care of our sweet little ones IS a full time job - all on its own. The week flies by with seemingly mundane tasks and so, to the mamapreuers out there - I don’t know how you (or I) do it!

We change, feed, clothe our babies, make meals, clean the house (maybe), workout (again, maybe), AND run a business!!

Some days it can seem like insane madness; in only the last few months I’ve probably thought about completely giving up seventy times.

“I can’t do this!"

“Wait, why AM I doing this?”

“This is crazy."

But I persist.

So this one’s for all you moms who work from home (or maybe a shop you opened) for the flexibility, the being your own boss, the extra time with your littles, to have a creative outlet during the craziness of motherhood and the ones trying to help provide for your family.

One of many multi-tasking moments in my day.

One of many multi-tasking moments in my day.

A few hopefully encouraging thoughts on my mind since I joined your crazy, amazing club:

1.     Remember why you started.

There might not be one single reason you decided to start your own business - maybe financial freedom, maybe to keep your creative muscle active, maybe because you couldn’t just fully give up your passionate pursuits while mothering, but whatever the reason think of your number one reason. For me, and a lot of moms I know, it was for the flexibility to work from home, to work during nap times, to not miss out on the little moments of our babe's lives.

But here’s the hiccup I’ve found…

Working from home is tough. There’s no physical or mental divide between my workspace and my home space. Suddenly I found myself sighing in disappointment when I heard Owen was "awake already” and my to-do list wasn’t done. I found myself waiting for the moment it was naptime again and trying to get other things done while Owen was awake. And don’t get me wrong, a lot of motherhood is multi-taking at its finest, but I found I just wasn’t being present in the moment anymore. My head was always somewhere else.  I lost the reason I was doing this in the first place.

Then one day it hit me, I don’t want to feel this “oh no, he’s awake” feeling anymore. I want to rush into his room with all joy and excitement that my cute little boy is awaaaake! Needless to say this shift didn’t happen over night (and is many days a work in progress) but I had to make a few changes for this whole thing to feel balanced and work long term.

Taylor Swift's reaction to all of my awesome ideas. 

Taylor Swift's reaction to all of my awesome ideas. 

2.     Pursue your MAIN thing

I get really creative and end up working on way more projects than I can handle at one time. I think all my lifetime goals need to happen THIS year, as opposed to the next fifty. So I’ve picked a main thing (and a short list of side projects that relate) and kept it, the main thing!


3.     Be YOU.

I stopped trying to be everyone I admire all rolled into one. I was trying follow in the footsteps of everyone I've ever looked up to - have the fitness business success of Karena + Katrina from Tone It Up, the online program and success of Nikki Elledge Brown the Communication Stylist, the grace-filled blog of Christine Hoover, the beautiful DIYS of A Beautiful Mess, and the recipes of Angela Liddon of Oh She Glows.

It was Aaron who pointed this out to me and said, “You’ve just got to be you!” Have business and personal role models but you can’t be them all, they had to pick their one thing too and that’s why they’re successful in it.

4.    Separate your day into segments.

I’m only just getting a rhythm. My perfect day (they don’t always happen) looks like this:

Wake up before Owen - make some tea, have some quiet time, read my Bible.

Owen wakes up - yay! Feed, change, rest and relax as a family.

Owen’s first nap –  some me time, workout, shower, ready for the day!

Owen's up - yay! play time, maybe a mom date or walk outside.

Owen’s second nap – work time, blog, brainstorm, research, plan, client calls.

Owen's up – dinner prep time aka he walks around the house talking to himself and playing with blocks.

Owen goes to bed – relax, time with Aaron.

Owen used to go for a nap and I would just freeze with no plan – WHAT DO I DO NOW? as a million things flashed across my brain. Now I have a plan! Also Sundays are usually meal prep days, and house cleaning primarily gets done Fridays.

My trusty To-Do list and Gorgeous Mama Green Smoothie! 

My trusty To-Do list and Gorgeous Mama Green Smoothie! 

5.     Lower your expectations for the day. I used to make a to-do list a mile long and think I could get it all done TODAY. That rarely happened and I was always so discouraged. Again, my husband (he’s really wise) said maybe I was trying to do to much. Break things into smaller tasks and shorten your list for the day.


So to all my mamapreneur super women out there - get on your hands and knees, play on the carpet, look your kiddos in the eyes, put your phone or computer in the other room, take a break and feel refreshed. No matter if you've almost quit a hundred times this year, you got this, you can do it! Keep chasing your dreams and caring for your littles! I believe in you ❤️