Letter to the Mamas Who Want to Get Fit Post Pregnancy

Hey Gorgeous Mama,

So you want to "fit back into your pre-pregnancy jeans." And I totally get it. 

But let's take a moment to realize a few things... Your body just went through so much - almost a full 10 months of pregnancy, hormones coursing through your body, things changing almost every week, cravings (don't even get me started), and then the recovery post delivery - so let's be real here, of course your new mama body has some extra squishiness it didn’t have before.

And let me tell you, it’s true your baby doesn’t care if “mom is back to her pre-pregnancy body.”

They just want your love, attention, cuddles, staring into your eyes; they just want you.

Even as a Wellness Stylist, I could go on about how there are many more important things than going to the gym.

But I feel the tension.

And I want to address it for the mamas out there who want to get in shape but almost feel guilty for admitting it, as if it’s just one giant selfish, vain endeavor.

Cause you want to feel great. And by feel great I don’t just mean that you feel confident in a bikini.

I’m talking about having the same energy you used to.

I’m talking about just feeling comfortable in your own skin, like yourself.

I’m talking about not having sugar crashes and feeling all the hormonal imbalances, bloating and indigestion.

I’m trying to say that feeling healthy and confident doesn’t have to be all vanity.

I want to shift our mindsets away from a magical number on a scale to how we are feeling in our every day lives.  How does our health habits affect our quality of life?

While I don’t want women being hard on themselves or competing to get back into shape after having a baby, I also don’t want them to feel bad for wanting to either.

It’s ok to want to eat nutritiously and for-go junk food.

It’s ok for wanting that extra hanging skin that didn’t used to be there to feel like normal again.

It’s ok for you to want to spend some time working out.

You’re not being selfish.

You’re taking time to increase your strength, your stamina, your energy levels, and your confidence to feel awesome and in turn feel awesome while taking care of your littles.

So please, be patient with yourself and love the skin you’re in and embrace the journey you’re on, but don’t go so far as to feel guilty for wanting to be in shape and feel in shape.

I’m here for your support. And in the weeks ahead I’ll be sharing how I can personally help you reach your goals and feel great.