In a Complicated Relationship with...Nursing Bras (aka burn them all!)

Sometimes I just want to yell, “BURN ALL THE NURSING BRAS IN THE WORLD!!!” because really, who’s ever felt sexy in an over-sized granny bra?

Sometimes I fight with my nursing bra, neglect her in the drawer and say “Hahaha that’s it, I’ve had it! I’m putting you away!” and reach for one of her better, more beautiful pre-breast feeding friends.

She in turn gets jealous, telling me of her function and use and simplicity.

“What if you have to breastfeed in public, do you really want all that trouble, fiddling around under your cover?”

And some days the answer is yes. Yes I will squish down a perfectly good regular bra because I don’t want to feel like my boobs are touching my belly button and my tank top has extra wide straps poking out and for goodness sake I just don’t want clothing that snaps open like that.

And so the Victoria Secret goodness comes out, and I reveal in how I used to feel.

And that small glimpse of a moment in the morning, my own rebellion to the day, is my way of saying I will stay sexy, I will stay confident, I may be a mom but I’m still me!

PS If any of you know a place to get beautiful nursing bras, please stop keeping it a secret and share, because I’m assuming one has to exist by now!