Packing List + Tips for Travelling Alone with a Little (baby!)

Owen’s been on THIRTEEN flights in ten months, and we’re about to go on two more in the next month! This is one well travelled baby.

A few of those trips have been just me and Owen, which means I’ve wanted packing to be as light as possible while still having everything I need for any “what-if” moments!

As many of you will be headed home for the holidays, I wanted to share with you my packing list and a few trips for travelling with a little.

What to Pack:

1.      Diapers, 1/hour of a flight + one extra. I know this might seem like a lot, but if you can take a tip from my first alone flight… Owen ended up shirtless (he pooped through them all), with a half button-up sweater, wearing the last diaper. It was borderline disaster.

2.      Wipes, but not the whole package. Separate 1/2 of the package into a smaller, light container, like this one, or a zip-lock bag. However, some moms say you can never have enough wipes. So I’ll leave that one up to you.

3.      Baby powder (we make ours with corn starch & lavender essential oil), but travel size. You could also put some in a ziplock bag, not exactly the most convenient but it does save on added weight!

4.      Change pad, spit-up clothes, & small diaper rash cream.

5.      A change of clothes. I repeat, change of clothes. See point number one.  Also, be sure to dress them in comfortable, easy to change clothes. Sweatpants can be cute y’all.

6.      A change of clothes for you! This one is often over looked, (Aaron was covered in spit up and poop our first flight) but just a light and simple tshirt if the need arises is perfect.

7.      Soother (+ an extra), bottle, (or the lightest option) your nipple. Something to soothe their precious ears for the change of air pressure in take off and landing.

8.      Nursing cover, my favorite one is Covered Goods because it provides 360 coverage, they can’t rip it off you (Owen is at that age), plus it doubles as a fashionable infinity scarf!

9.      Depending on their age, toys may vary. I find the most unlikely things become the best toys, like the crinkling of the wipes package or an empty water bottle. In other words, don’t pack too many or pack ones you don’t particularly care about.

10.  A sweater, you may be headed to Florida, but chances are it will be chilly on the plane for both of you.

11.  Essential Oils – I keep a small roller bottle of Peace & Calming for Owen (& me!), also Lavender if my nose acts up or gets dry, and Frankincense + Ibuprofen if any fever symptoms arise.

12.  Bandaids - I still have no idea how but Owen swiped his foot on something in the seat infront of us and his toe started bleeding! If you forget this one, you can just ask a stewardess, but it would of been faster if I had packed one myself. 

13.  Hand Sanitizer. Cause, germs. My favourite, Thieves Spray

14.  Lip balm - For you of course and all that dry air!

15.  A snack – Lara bars are perfect.

16.  Suitable ID for you and baby.

17.  Ergo - The best for walking around alone with your baby. They'll make you take it off during the flight (which is totally fine) but I prefer it from using a stroller passed security. If you do have a stroller most airlines count that as one of two free pieces of luggage for your baby and you can drop it off at the over-sized luggage counter.

18.  Cell phone & charger - Mainly for emergencies. And just life. But also you might want to document a quick photo of your baby's first trip (if they'll let you). The sweet lady (and quick friend thanks to Owen) travelling beside me, snapped these sweet photos on one of our first flights alone.  

A quick word on what NOT to pack:

1.      A book, a magazine, something you used to find enjoyable when travelling alone. I’ve brought too many and never touched them.

2.      Full size baby powder, diaper rash cream, wipes, a heavy water bottle – the fastest way to add a lot of weight to your bag.

3.      Your computer – unless it’s a necessity, leave it at home. There’s nothing harder than carrying a newborn on you with one arm weighed down by a laptop.

Other Helpful Tips

*Most airports have a fast pass security line for business passes and parents travelling with small children. It's also great because in my experience (especially when travelling alone) I could keep Owen in the Ergo the whole way through security.

*Change them as close to boarding the plane as possible. Airplane bathrooms and change tables are kind of a nightmare. Even at 6 months Owen was too big to properly fit his whole body on the change table without bumping his head on the wall. Avoid it if you can!

*If you can pick your seat on the plane, I’ve lucked out a few times by choosing the “less desirable” seating. Usually it’s the row before the exit, and is only "undesirable" because they say there’s less leg room. I didn’t notice a difference and have had an empty seat beside me because of it. That extra room for your little one is a dream come true! Owen even took a nap beside me once.

*If they get fussy, sometimes holding them up so they can see people in the rows behind has been so helpful. People are usually quick to smile and distract him! 

*It’s really important to stay hydrated while flying. Although you may trying to avoid extra trips to the bathroom alone with your little, still try to stay hydrated. Having the Ergo has been a huge help when it comes to this.

Above all else, my last trip taught me well that the biggest advice I can say is to prepare for everything to go wrong - your flight to be delayed, to miss your connection, to get in hours later and wonder if your baby will ever take a nap - preparing yourself for the worst will make you less likely to lose your cool or melt in to tears (it's happened!).

As many of you are travelling back home for the holidays, I hope you find these tips helpful to make your trip smooth sailing, I pray you have poop-free clothes, cry-free flights (we can hope), and the best of time home with your families.