Things I’m Giving Up (and not giving up) as a New Mama

There are just some things you don’t have time for anymore. It seems a little obvious, but it just hit me today how much time a day I actually spend breast-feeding, and it’s a lot, like a lot-a-lot hours a day.

So those little slots of time when little O is actually asleep are precious moments. I mean not as precious as staring at that sweet little smiling face precious, but precious as in keeping this mama’s sanity and getting life things done kind of precious.

Every day his little eyes finally flutter asleep for a nap at some point in the day (that still doesn’t seem to be very consistent) and then it hits, almost like a panic….WHAT DO I DO FIRST!? A list a mile long pops into my head and I almost feel paralyzed….I could work out, I could work on business stuff, I could clean up, I could run another load of laundry, I could clean out that random drawer I keep thinking about cleaning out, but then suddenly its like I’m paralyzed and all I really want to do it take a nap!

And so, as I’m realizing my “me” moments are rare and some days few and far between. Here’s the things I’ve decided to give up on (and others not) as I wander through this path of discovering how to function like a normal human being and new mama (its harder than you realize by the way, sometimes we make it look so easy though!).

I will give up blow-drying my hair most days (because what’s the point anyway?), thankfully I will not give up showering J

 I’m happy to say I’ve mastered the “five minute make-up” look. Albeit washing my hair even feels like a luxury some days, but I won’t give up on it! Lol. Blow-drying however, ain’t nobody got time for that, unless I’m headed out into the blustery Winter I know is coming.

 I will give up epic long workout sessions with 40 minute cardio sessions and another half an hour of weight training; I will not give up finding even 20 minutes a day to fit a quick HIIT workout or yoga stretch in the morning.

 I’m still learning to find the balance on this one. I’m always so afraid my workout in the front room (so close to Owen’s room) will wake him up! I’ve decided to explore the option of a gym, if I can get around to waking up before Owen & Aaron.

I will give up complex gourmet vegan meals every day (because I’m bfing and extremely hungry, I will grab whatever’s in sight!); I will not give up eating delicious, healthy food, and the occasional more than 6 ingredient meal.

I’m working on snacking well, and meal prepping. If my veggies aren’t cut, I won’t eat them!

Navigating the new world of Motherhood feels like learning a lot of gives and takes. It takes some time (maybe 18 years time) of learning a rhythm to it. But if I can I’m determined to find it, and thrive in the chaos when I can’t!