elephant shoe teething co.

I'm so delighted to be partnering with elephant shoe teething co.! I have to tell you, the minute I showed Owen the teething pacifier clip, he was mesmorized! It literally enteretained him for twenty minutes just staring at it and then he realized he could chew on it too!

I was an instant fan. Not to mention, the beautiful teething jewelry! This necklace jumped out at me instantly with its fun shapes and neutral colors (it goes with so much) and Owen loves it!

A perfect win for every mama (and a great Christmas present too)! But enough from me, I'd like to introduce you to Katie Robinson, the amazing + creative mama behind this gorgeous business.

Hey Katie!  If you could start by introducing yourself and tell us a little about you as a mom and business owner.

My name is Katie and I am a wife, mother to two boys (Elliot + Andrew), massage therapist, yoga lover and most recently a new business owner. I like to call elephant shoe teething co. my 3rd child. It is a labour of love and filling a creative void that I had in my life. I'm very excited about my new business and the lives I am touching through it.

How did you get into jewelry making?

I've actually enjoyed beading for a really long time. It's just something that I set on the shelf for a long time while I went to school, started a career, and my hubby and I journeyed into parenthood. I remember going to the bead store as a pre-teen and spending hours picking out beads, figuring out designs and stringing them up.

What makes elephant shoe teething co. special? 

elephant shoe teething co. is special because it is a small, family owned and local business. A little bit of love goes into every creation. The name elephant shoe teething co. came from something I heard a long time ago from a dear friend. When you mouth the words elephant shoe, it looks the same as saying “I love you”.

What materials do you use?

I use silicone beads that are eco-friendly, food grade, bpa, latex, cadmium, phthalate and lead free. I also use organic maple beads that are treated with beeswax and olive oil. The nylon cord and clasp are strong for safety. I also use jersey cotton string that is made from cut offs that would otherwise end up in a landfill. I try to be as environmentally conscience as possible, from using minimal paper, reusable cotton bags, right down to business cards made from recycled paper. Each piece is lovingly created and handmade by myself.

What most inspires your pieces?

My debut collection was heavily inspired by nature. The aw15 collection comes from more of my love for design. With my soother clips and little charms I like to create from my playful side. I love the joy that my creations bring moms, moms-to-be and little ones.

Tell us about the Landon's Legacy Retreat and why you chose to support them through your business?

As my little company turned into more than just a few necklaces for myself and friends, I realized that this was my opportunity to give back. I knew in my heart that I really wanted to be apart of Landon's Legacy Retrea.
Landon's Legacy Retreat was created by the beautiful Amelia Kathryn Barnes (Instagram @ameliakyoga). It is an annual retreat that brings mothers that have suffered the loss of a child together. During the retreat they share, learn, bound and heal. Through the powers of social media I learned about Amelia and her son Landon long before elephant shoe teething co. was even an idea. I was pregnant with my second son and her story touched me, it haunted me and I ached for her loss. As I continued to follow her I was inspired by her strength and compassion.
Motherhood is a sacred bond that women share and I hope through supporting Landon's Legacy I am able to offer just a little bit of support for those mothers that have endured a loss.

Where do you see your business in five years time? 

My goal in 5 years is to have 15 stockists and be in at least 1 major retailer. I am constantly thinking of new ideas and definitely have a few more surprises coming soon.
I am just starting my fabulous journey with essential oils. As I learn the benefits of them I am realizing how great they are in my life. The diffuser necklace was a way that I could incorporate them into my business and offer others a way to use oils.
*While these necklaces use the same materials it is important to note that the diffuser necklaces are not for your littles to chew. These are for you mamas to enjoy on your own (nap time, bed time). Not all essential oils are created equally so please use responsibly).

What is it like being an entrepreneur and a mom?

Being a mom and an entrepreneur is a constant test of time management and balance. There have been days where I've had to be in the studio filling an order while my littles are playing and I get a little mama guilt.
In a perfect world I try to involve them (my older son anyways) by letting him sit and string beads beside me, while my youngest plays at our feet. It doesn't always happen though. But at the end of the day I think I'm getting pretty good at balancing the two - a work in progress.

*Visit @the.wellness.stylist on Instagram to enter to win an elephant shoe teething co. necklace & soother clip!