Mama Quotes {with Melissa & Sara}

I love the sound of my children playing and laughing together!  So sweet to the ears! My girls are best friends and are at an age where they play together very well-for the most part! […] melts my heart to hear they sweet laughter and enjoyment in one another […] it truly amazes me how different in every form/way each of my children are!

I absolutely love being with my babes. Just being together with them! I count the moments as gifts and literally write them down. Thousands of them.

My big surprise? One day the realizing that I was actually living my dream. That I didn't need to be anyone else. That I was fulfilled and literally living the life I had always desired. It was a real revelation and it kind of snuck up on me. I have a lot of interests and life goals but they pale in comparison to the satisfaction of motherhood.