Mama Quotes {with Victoria & Severine}


I love that she is so joyful and always smiling at people around her. Several times people have told me they were having an awful day and her smile made their day! It's such a humbling and joyful thing to watch a little girl who can't say anything but still bring joy to people's lives. Everyone around her sees such a deep joy and it's been a cool way to explain that God has given Aubrey joy!


I love the chance to relive favorite childhood memories & traditions and rediscover them afresh through the eyes of my children!

What surprised me the most was how much motherhood would force me to look at my own weaknesses, since they seem to become magnified when you try to raise another human being half decently! But rather than just notice them and feel defeated, I want to seek to better them so I can become a better human being too



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