City Living With: Jessica Wishart

I wanted to introduce to you "City Living With" as a way to showcase friends, readers, and other mamas who are making the craziness of city living work, showing where function, design, and beauty meet day life.

My sweet friend, Jessica just made her second big move away from family and friends. It's been so encouraging to watch her from a distance, make somewhere unfamiliar home and reach out to her neighbours and make friends seemingly instantaneously (not to my surprise). When Owen & I went to visit her a few months ago, my jaw almost dropped when I saw just how gorgeous she made the place  (again, not to my surprise!).  I was enamoured with her new place and stylish taste. I'm delighted to let her share about her place and move with you today! 

My husband Ryder and I moved to Hamilton, Ontario this past summer to complete his Master's Degree. As soon as I got a job offer (I’m a registered nurse), we were approved for an apartment on the very same day. Two weeks later we were packed and on our way! 

The year before we had lived in Chicago while Ryder was finishing up his Bachelor's. Moving to a new city has its challenges, but it can also be fun. This being our second move in one year, this one went a lot smoother because we knew what to expect.


I have really fallen in love with Hamilton, I like the feel of a smaller city, but being in the greater Toronto area we have access to everything we need. Hamilton also has the highest concentration of waterfalls in Canada; best of all you don't have to go that far to find them! 

When searching for an apartment I like to look for something that has been recently renovated. I always look for light cream walls and hardwood floors. I find this lightens up the look and doesn't limit our colour choices. I love a place that has character; crown moldings, old window frames and doors. When I found this apartment on kijiji it had everything I wanted (plus a dishwasher and washer/dryer…BONUS!). 

When we first got there, I felt far away from home and that we were all alone. But once our U-Haul arrived and we started unpacking, I saw how much potential the place had to compliment all of our things. It was lots of fun to make the place our own and make it feel cozy! 

We had been connected through friends with a church before we arrived in Hamilton. Having a church family was very important things to us. The first night we arrived, the pastor's family had us over for dinner, which was so lovely, because our ten hour car ride that day consisted of rice crackers and dried mangos (thanks mom!). They also generously helped us unload our U-Haul the next day. 

Because our building was being renovated, two other suites were being moved into at the same time. The one girl’s mom suggested that we all have a meet and greet on one of our patios after we all arrived! I would recommend this to everyone! We all shared our likes and dislikes of our new home and city, as well as our struggles and success in finding where to buy the best AC unit to help us survive unpacking in the heat or where to get the best furniture. 

After that night, we got together once a week to catch up, help each other shop or just enjoy a meal together. Our neighbourhood is a little sketchy, so knowing the people in my building makes me feel safe in my home and having connections with different groups of people really helps to make a place feel more like home! 

My favourite spot in our home is our living room. This is the place where I kick my feet up after a long twelve-hour shift, where we visit with friends or snuggle up on the couch with a cup of tea to catch up on our day or read together. I love this spot because it is filled with pictures of our families; I love seeing their smiling faces even when they are far away. 

I love the charm of old apartments, there is a skeleton key stuck inside our bathroom lock that I find adorable. There’s also a phone from the early 1900s in our hall way that I’d love to take with me when we leave! 

The fireplace in the living room adds an extra cozy touch to the place. My favourite things in the apartment are keepsakes from my grandparents, I have my grandma's silver tea set that she got from her mom on my kitchen hutch, and I have a few wood work pieces from my Opa around the house (a bread box, a serving tray and a jewelry box that always makes me think of working on projects with him in his wood shop when I was little). I also have a old cardex box that my mom gave me that is one of my favourite pieces! 

I like to go for a vintage/ modern look. I like some pieces to have lots of details; like my dressers and kitchen table to be mixed with some straight modern pieces like our kitchen island from Ikea. 

My inspiration comes from people I love. My parent’s house growing up was blue - blue carpet, blue kitchen, blue walls. I think this is why I have so many accent shades of blue around our home! I love vintage pieces like bone china tea-cups which reminds me of my grandma and Oma. I like a home that flows. If I want to switch things up, I can take pieces from any room in my house and place them in another because they all go together. 

Looking for some similar pieces?

Ikea - Kitchen island, Spice cabinet, Coffee table, Desk, Bed frame, Kitchen Cart

Costco - Sheep skin rug

Home Outfitters - Rug in living room

Hobby Lobby - Wooden tea frame, gold frame with quote in living room

The Bay - Dishes

Anthropologie -Measuring cups and spoons

Target - Office supplies