Mama Quotes {with Pascale & Venisha}

I love hearing my children laugh and watching them play together. My daughter is a clown and she loves cracking up my baby son. They crawl around and laugh like crazy!  
I love discovering their personalities, seeing how they are their own person. They are both so different! I learn new things about them everyday.
I absolutely love cuddling them and kissing them; they are so soft and warm and they smell so good!
I love feeling like I have a purpose. I was most surprised after having my daughter, at how it felt like she had always been there, like she had always been a part of my life. I know in my mind that she has only been around for two and half years, but it feels like my life did not exist before her… it's a very strange feeling.
I was also very surprised at how hard it can be, especially at the beginning but even now … sometimes I get an overwhelming feeling of being inadequate, not good enough. It's very hard but also forces you to confront your deepest and darkest thoughts and fears. It is the most transforming experience life can bring, I think. 

My favourite things are watching her grow, mommy daughter cuddles, and getting to spend all my time with my daughter.


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