Mama Quotes {with Elaine & Amy}

Being a Mother has pushed to become better in every area of my life! They are my extra drive of motivation!! I have also become more humble as I realize that failure is a part of parenting and God gives us such grace to get up & try again. 
Elaine D

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What I love the most and what surprised me go hand in hand. I was surprised that I didn't experience that over whelming love when they handed me Wyatt. I more felt like, β€œare you sure he's mine?” It actually took a few months till it smacked me in the face. THIS IS YOUR BABY AND YOU ARE MOM moment. Then it hit me. The love that poured out from places I never knew I had in me. I'd cry just thinking about his much I loved him! I still look at him and am in awe he's mine! I love that motherhood brings out new love in me!

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