Mama Quotes {with Jess & Demelza}

One thing I love most about motherhood is there is a fresh start everyday. Even if the day before was rough, seeing their little faces the next morning, I have energy and love to do "mothering" again!                                    
What surprised me most is how much I LOVE being a Mom! How being a Mom takes over my thoughts and sometimes life (truth) ... but I'm ok with that. I am a Mom, and I love it! 

I love that, that no matter what I have to do for my son, I don't mind doing it.  Whether it's him wanting to cuddle all day, or changing 5 poopy diapers in one day, every single minute is worth it because I know that God gave him to me as a gift!

A lot of other ladies that were moms before me tried to explain what it was like to give birth or raise a child BUT even though they try to describe what it's like, you will never truly understand it until you go through it. It's simply indescribably amazing.                 


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