Happy (American) Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to my better half and all my American friends and family!  

My husband likes to remind me that this is the "real" Thanksgiving. Haha.

And if you know my family and I, we've actually been celebrating American Thanksiving since I was little (even though none of us are American) so it's hard to argue with him on that, despite my Canadian roots.

It's been such a tradition for us to watch the Macy's Day parade, go out for lunch, start the Christmas decorating/watch the Dallas Cowboys, and then our first Christmas movie of the season, Miracle on 34th Street.

It also became the holiday that my husband proposed to me on! Right at the dinner table infant of all our friends and family! Happy Engagement Day Honey :)

Whether you're celebrating today or not, I hope you get to enjoy a meal with family, have even a few minutes to relax, and who knows, maybe even watch The Dallas Cowboys or if you're more like me, then a Christmas movie.

Much love and Happy (American) Thanksgiving!