My Attempts to Become an Adventurous Mama

When Owen was born I started the hashtag #owenadventures to capture all the fun places and new experiences that I was determined for him to have. 

It all kind of started when I made a joke during a beautiful Spring hike with Aaron and Owen, saying, “I just love nature so much. I didn’t even know how much until now because I grew up around shopping malls, not waterfalls.” And preceded to say just how much I want to be a fun, outdoorsy, adventurous mama for Owen!

And let me tell you. It is not as easy as it sounds. This is all coming from the girl whose definition of camping was a log cabin, with running water and electricity.

But I’m determined to change that, and so my adventures began…

Adventure Take One: my first time sleeping in a tent.

Outcome: I had a spider crawl into my ear. Like completely INTO MY EAR. I could hear him walking around on my eardrum! It was like internal Chinese water torture and I couldn’t make it stop.

(I frantically woke up my roommate, who groggily prayed for the spider to come out of my ear. A minute later the tiny little guy (who felt ginormous) crawled out. I never went back to sleep and have yet to go camping since.)

Adventure Take Two: indoor surfing

Outcome: Ok, all in all this was a really fun spontaneous date night. BUT I bruised my hand, banged up my knee, and both of us were so sore we couldn’t sleep for nights.

Adventure Take Three: swimming in the ocean (instead of reading my book by the poolside)

Outcome: I got stung by a jelly fish. In three places. That not so cute little squishy really got me good. I was traumatized for a day and swam poolside the next day.

Adventure Take Four: stand up paddle-boarding in the ocean (I didn’t let the little jelly win!)

Outcome: I LOVED IT!!!! I think my balance lessons from indoor surfing paid off AND I think I found my new favourite vacation pass time!!

Moral of the story: It’s not always so glamorous stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new or being more outdoorsy than how you grew. BUT it is worth it. You get better at new skills with practice, have epic adventures to tell, and sometimes you find your dream hobby.

All in all, I hope I’m beginning Owen’s childhood confident to try new things (even if I’ll never do them again) and passing that curiosity & adventurous nature on to him in the meantime. 

*My adventure favourite: My Ergo