The Bond of Mamahood

photo cred: Amanda Kate Photography

photo cred: Amanda Kate Photography

They’re the ones you text when your baby won’t sleep through the night or has a strange rash or on the days when you may want to pull your hair out, but you love them so much and wouldn’t trade being a mom for anything.

They’re the ones with the advice you ask for when you need a listening ear, the ones with kids older than you who have been through it all, the ones at the same stage as you who just want to sit and cry with you when your baby’s 5 months old and still not sleeping through the night, the ones you send adorable photos to because you know they’ll agree with you that your baby is the cutest thing on the planet (after their own of course).

It’s this kind of sisterhood that no matter what your birth story looks like, or whether you adopted, we’re in this together instant kind of bond.

It’s this empathy that wells up inside of you; like when I saw another mom at the hospital, with tears welling up in her eyes, trying to wipe and hide them from her son; desperately trying to keep it altogether.

It’s the kind of bond that made me want to go buy her some dark chocolate covered almonds and tell her I don’t know if it will be ok, but you feel for her, you’re praying for her. That she’s not alone in the scariness of motherhood and feeling helpless while watching her child through seemingly endless medical tests.

It’s this unexplainable bond between moms. You’ve gone through what I’ve gone through. It may look different but on this big picture level I get you. I get that it’s tiring and hard and sometimes you don’t know how to do life. And I also understand the inexplicable joy of watching your little one grow and change and smile and turn into the cute little person that they are.

And we’re in this; we’re in this together. 

I’ve got your back. Let’s help each other however we can.