My Morning Energy Boosting Routine

There’s no doubt we could all use a little more energy around here in the new mom’s (or pregnant!) club. Here’s a few things I try to do daily to help keep me going!

  • The Something Gorgeous Smoothie is a staple in my day and in all the SG Mama programs! It helps my body reset and increase my energy for the day!

It's chalked full of fiber and nutrient dense foods like spinach, kale, apple, lemon juice, frozen mango, and added superfoods (like chlorella, or Jerusalem artichoke). 



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  • My morning (& sometimes afternoon!) shot of Young Living's Ningxia Red, some days I stumble out of bed and straight to the kitchen for this!  What is it? It’s an super food & oil-infused drink, chalked full of antioxidants!

I took the 30 days of Ningxia Red challenge and no word of a lie, I could tell the difference in my energy levels! I could tell the days I missed it, that brain fog just didn’t lift the same!

  • Vitamin D.  Most of us are Vitamin D deficient (especially up here in the cold extremities of Canada!) Aim to get around 600IUDs per day.

  • My morning dose of I love the short length (especially before a little one is going to wake up) and yet the depth, this daily study goes into. Plus, their gorgeous Instagram-able photos for the day, and online shop are beautiful!

  • Lastly, when time (+ Owen!) permits, we’ll head off for a 20-minute stroller jog (anything longer and he falls asleep before his nap!)

Hope these quick tips help you to feel rested, refreshed, and ready to tackle the day!